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[1.16 - 1.20] SuperLuckyBlock - The LuckyBlock Plugin That Gives You FULL CONTROL!

Plugins [1.16 - 1.20] SuperLuckyBlock - The LuckyBlock Plugin That Gives You FULL CONTROL! 4.13.3

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Original resource URL: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/1-16-1-20-superluckyblock-the-luckyblock-plugin-that-gives-you-full-control.48837/

Native Minecraft Version:1.16Tested Minecraft Versions:
  • 1.16
  • 1.17
  • 1.18
  • 1.19
  • 1.20

SuperLuckyBlock requires Java 17 or higher! Please ask your hosting service to upgrade if you are on a lower version.

To download the last version that supported Minecraft 1.8 - 1.11.x click here.
To download the last version that supported Minecraft 1.12 click here.
To download the last version that supported Minecraft 1.13 - 1.15.x click here.
Want to try this plugin out before buying? Take a look at SuperLuckyBlock Lite.

Spoiler: Need Support?

SuperLuckyBlock is a luckyblock plugin that gives you FULL control over its features.
You can create your own surprises, create your own custom luckyblocks, create your own wands, modify almost every single part of the plugin, and much more!
You can use SuperLuckyBlock in any way you want!


Custom Surprises
Exclusive to SuperLuckyBlock: create your own surprises and modify them to your liking.
Spawn mobs, drop items, create buildings, execute commands, or all of these at once!

Lua Surprises
SuperLuckyBlock allows you to create surprises in the Lua scripting language. This allows you to create surprises in any way you want! You can fully interact with the Spigot API, allowing you to create any surprise you want!
Spoiler: Example Scripts

Unlimited LuckyBlocks
SuperLuckyBlocks allows you to create unlimited CUSTOM luckyblocks.
You can set the skin of the skull, require permission, create custom surprises, and more!
You can use these as lootbox, a donation perk, or just a block that is craftable.

Wands are special weapons which all do different, special things. They can shoot entities, spawn lightning, or even heal the player. All wands can be found in the spoiler below:
Spoiler: Available Wands

Custom Wands
Do you not like the built-in wands, or are there any missing wands? SuperLuckyBlock allows you to create your own wands that can do the following things:
- Throw blocks
- Spawn entities
- Execute commands

Custom Skull Textures
SuperLuckyBlock allows you to use skin textures from websites like https://minecraft-heads.com/ by using their texture URL (example: http://textures.minecraft.net/textu...fc999a0cb127ca2f9705af1554a86fef131112b9c11ac). You can also use a player's skin.

Chances per Surprise
Surprises in SuperLuckyBlock aren't just randomly selected, they use a chance system, so you can decide which surprises are rarer than the other ones!
Don't want to see everyone walking around with a pretty strong lucky sword? No problem! Just lower the chance and it should be solved!

Only getting luckyblocks from crafting would be boring, right?
That's why SuperLuckyBlock contains a system named LuckyActions!

LuckyActions gives your players a configurable chance to get a luckyblock while performing certain actions in the game.
This makes being active on your server more fun and rewarding.
Currently, supported actions are:
- Mining - Players have a small chance of finding a LuckyBlock while mining, depending on the block they broke.
- Player kill and mob kill - Players have a slight chance of finding a LuckyBlock when killing a player or mob.
- Other actions will be added in the future!

Custom Messages
SuperLuckyBlock allows you to add a message to each surprise, including custom surprises!

Crafting Recipe
LuckyMining isn't the only way to get luckyblocks.
You can enable and customize a crafting recipe, so your players can craft the luckyblocks.

SuperLuckyblock allows you to buy or sell Luckyblocks using a GUI. You can set any price you want.


PlaceholderAPI support
PlaceholderAPI can be used to display information about a player's luckyblock statistics.
More info can be found in the compatibility section.

Full control
SuperLuckyBlock allows you to change many settings.
You can disable luckyblocks in a specific world, you can set permissions, change the skull skin, customize the sound and particles on break, and a lot more.
Spoiler: Default Configurations


SuperLuckyBlock makes survival way more fun. Players like testing their luck.
Will they get a lucky sword, or maybe an explosion? It makes their experience a bit more unique and fun.

Lucky Skywars
You can give your skywars minigame a unique twist by adding luckyblocks to it.
I recommend adding some extra custom surprises like buildings, so it's even more fun!

With the use of sponge mode, you can use sponges in your prison mines to make mining a lot more interesting, fun, and rewarding for your players!

Other Minigames
You can use SuperLuckyBlock with any minigame that allows you to break blocks as long as it saves your map or rolls it back.

Of course, you can use luckyblocks just for fun.
You could play with your friends, create maps or staircases with luckyblocks and do a luckyblock race or just see who is the luckiest. Everything is possible!


Minecraft 1.16 or higher is required.
Java 17 or higher is required.
The other plugins listed below are optional.

SuperLuckyBlock contains one placeholder at the moment:
%superluckyblock_luckyblocksbroken% - allows you to display the number of blocks broken.

SuperLuckyBlock supports the buying and selling of luckyblocks via the /slb shop command.
You will need Vault and an economy plugin(you can just use essentials if you don't know one).

WorldEdit is required to spawn buildings when using custom building surprises.


<> = required, [] = optional
/slb give <luckyblock name> <player> [amount] - Gives the specified luckyblock to the specified player.
/slb giveall <luckyblock name> [amount] - Give a luckyblock to all players currently online.
/slb help - Displays this page.
/slb reload - Reloads the configuration. Might not reload all options, so please restart your server if this happens.


- superluckyblock.help - gives you permissions to use /slb help
- superluckyblock.give - gives you permission to use /slb give
- superluckyblock.giveall - gives you permission to use /slb giveall
- superluckyblock.reload- gives you permission to use /slb reload


First release
Last update
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Latest updates

  1. 4.13.3

    Fixed - Fixed lore not being applied to material/block luckyblocks (non-skull luckyblocks)

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