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237 Sea Life Pack for Itemsadder vV1.4 $31.54

VIP MC Models 237 Sea Life Pack for Itemsadder vV1.4 $31.54 v1.4

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Presenting the 237 custom sea life pack for Itemsadder

This pack has 237 custom sea life from seaweed to sharks, 224 sea life, 13 fish that gift potion effects for a short time.

All with biome and catch chance. all can be cooked and eaten, note they do turn in to cooked cod when cooked. i aim to release a cooking expansion for this pack in the future with cooked versions.

You can alter the catch chance, biomes, feed and saturation amounts yourself but, i have already preset the whole pack as plug and play.

Instructions are included in the pack.

If you don't use Itemsadder but have another Custom Items plugin that provides it's custom items with a Material and a Custom Model Data number, then you can use that custom item plugin instead, you will need to configure the items yourself though as i only support Itemsadder in this pack.

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