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Advanced Achievements

Plugins Advanced Achievements 8.0.2

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Languages Supported

French, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Chinese, Finnish, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Swedish, Turkish, Vietnamese, Czech, Slovak, Dani
h:s:s:7 Danish


Looking for a powerful, fun and addictive plugin? Sick of the limitations of Vanilla advancements? Highly acclaimed and developed from early 2015 to late 2021, Advanced Achievements will take your server to the next level! Create a unique set of custom achievements and bring more roleplay, competition and challenge to your community!

55 main categories: players killed, custom mobs, fish caught, played time, potions, projectiles shot, ...
2 special categories: award achievements directly with commands
18 in-game commands: many features to explore
Amazing GUI: highly customisable interface displaying achievements, statistics and progress
Rankings and leaderboards: all-time, monthly and weekly
Stunning effects: interactive texts, action bar and toast messages, fireworks, screen titles, boss bars, particle effects and configurable sounds
Exciting rewards: money, custom items, experience, increased max health/oxygen or custom commands
Roleplay spirit: shareable achievement books
Advancement integration: vanilla Minecraft advancements for 1.12+ servers
Command blocks: support for advanced command selectors
Compatible plugins: many integrations, see list below
Extensive customisation: tune names, goals, descriptions, styles and colours
Limitless possibilities: dozens and dozens of flexible configuration options
Translations: language file to modify all displayed texts, 19 available translations
Permissions: advanced permission system to fine-tune the plugin
Pick your database: SQLite, H2, MySQL or PostgreSQL
Wide-ranging Minecraft compatibility: any Minecraft version from 1.7.9 to 1.12.2 (plugin version 7.3.0) and 1.13 or more recent (plugin version 8.0.2).
API: documented and many methods available
High performance: optimised, easy to use and compatible with Java 8+
End of life: developed from February 2015 to November 2021, no more updates planned after November

Vault - money rewards.
PetMaster - several achievement objectives.
BungeeTabListPlus - statistics displayed in the tab list.
PlaceholderAPI - a wide variety of placeholders.
Essentials - anti-AFK for PlayedTime achievements.
Plan - detailed statistics.
MythicMobs - achievement objectives for mob kills.
AALP Hook - modify LuckPerms groups when players receive one or more achievements.
Custom Heads - achievement objectives for head places.
Jobs Reborn - achievement objectives for job levelling.

Many thanks to the users who have supported the project by starring the GitHub repository. Head over to GitHub and add your own star to make the project shine!

Over the years, a few awesome users have donated to support the plugin:
- ParadiseRealms from paradiserealms.net
- Vestle from playcsmc.com
- XenXn
- mmuziek from bitcubes.eu
- StonurDewd from packetsofanarchy.com
- Omanoctoa
- enterih from minecityelan.net
- IronDirt from mc.skyblockpuro.it
- a few anonymous donators

Some top notch contributors have contributed significant code to the project, amongst which:
- Several developers from addstar.com.au
- Platinteufel from minepolis.net
- tassu
- Phoetrix
- Rsl1122

If you are a developer, an API and comprehensive documentation are available. Translation updates are also welcome. Feel free to fork the project and share your code through pull requests!



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