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AdvancedMobArena - Create custom dungeons & Slay mobs with fun!

VIP Plugins AdvancedMobArena - Create custom dungeons & Slay mobs with fun! 7.17.0

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Original resource URL: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/advancedmobarena-create-custom-dungeons-slay-mobs-with-fun.26838/

Native Minecraft Version:1.17Tested Minecraft Versions:
  • 1.17
  • 1.18
  • 1.19
  • 1.20
Source Code:https://github.com/nulli0n/AdvancedMobArena-spigot/Donation Link:https://ko-fi.com/nightexpress



AdvancedMobArena allows you to create amazing and funny mob arenas on your server! Every arena has a lot of settings and features, that makes every arena really unique. Create kits, custom mobs, in-game shops, dynamic areas, loot chests and a lot more!


Servers with AdvancedMobArena



Spigot 1.17.1 / 1.18.2 / 1.19.4 / 1.20.1
Java 16
or higher





Main Features:
  • Unlimited amount of arenas. Create as many arenas as you want!
  • Custom Chat. Separated chat channel to communicate with players on arena.
  • Custom Mobs. Create various mob configurations with different attributes, styles, equipments! Even passive mobs will fight against you!
  • Kits. Create kits with custom items, commands, permanent potion effects to use in arenas! Or bring your own gear to the arena!
  • Kill Rewards. Earn extra coins, game score or trigger custom commands when slaying mobs!
  • Kill Streaks. Earn even more rewards when slaying multiple mobs in a row!
  • Lobby. Let your players prepare to fight and select their kits with a lobby!
  • Statistics. Track best player results with a bunch of custom stats! Display them via Signs, Holograms or browse them in a customizable GUI!
  • Multi-Currency support.
  • Custom Mob Plugins support.
  • Holograms support.
  • Signs. Create signs to join arenas, selecting kits, browsing stats and more!
  • Scripts. Take a full control over your arena behavior and mechanics!
  • PlaceholderAPI support.

Arena Features
  • Regions. Create multiple zones inside one arena with different mobs!
  • Rewards. Reward players for killing mobs, completing waves, unlock regions, etc. Give custom items and execute custom commands!
  • Shop. Upgrade your equipment for coins earned on arena!
  • Waves. Create custom waves with a set of mobs to be spawned together.
  • Gradual Spawning. Set whether arena mobs should be spawned gradually (customizable) instead of all together.
  • Progression. Increase mob health and strength during the game, unlock new regions when completing certain waves, and more!
  • Spots. Create dynamic areas in your arenas! Openable doors, landscape changing, and more!
  • Scoreboard. Display current game status on a fully customizable scoreboard! Each arena can have different scoreboard style!
  • Ready State. Players can use special item/sign to mark themselves as ready to play. When all players are ready, the lobby timer drops down to a certain value defined in the config, so the game can start earlier!
  • Join Requirements. Set whether players will need a permission, certain amount of money, or a level to join the arena!
  • Lives Amount. Set how many times players can die on the arena before they will be kicked out from the game!
  • Item Share. Set whether item sharing on the arena is allowed.
  • Mob Drops. Set whether mobs will drop items and exp on death.
  • Mob Highlight. Highlight alive mobs when their amount is less than certain value.
  • Auto Open/Close. Set if your arena should be automatically opened/closed for a game at certain times!


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First release
Last update
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Latest updates

  1. 7.17.0

    ADDED: EVENT_PLAYER target value for some arena script actions (run_command, give_reward...
  2. hotfix

    Fixed NoDefClassFound error when trying to open Arenas GUI without CoinsEgine plugin installed.
  3. 7.16.0

    IMPROVED: Arena List GUI got better layout & bugfix. Arena Shop GUI got better layout & bugfix...

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