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AdvancedMobArena - Slay mobs with fun

Plugins AdvancedMobArena - Slay mobs with fun

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AdvancedMobArena allows you to create amazing and funny mob arenas on your server! Every arena has a lot of settings and features, that makes every arena really unique. You can create kits for arenas, custom mobs and bosses, in-game shops, dynamic areas, loot chests and a lot more!

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Servers with AdvancedMobArena

Spigot 1.17 / 1.18.2 / 1.19.2
Java 16 or higher


Arena Features
Arena Chat: Separated chat channel to communicate with a team!
Arena Game Settings: Manage gameplay mechanics for each arena individually!
Arena Regions: Create multiple zones inside one arena with different mobs!
Arena Rewards: Reward players for killing mobs and completing waves!
Arena Shop: Upgrade your equipment for coins earned on arena!
Arena Waves: Create custom waves with almost any mob!
Arena Progression: Increase mob health and strength during the game, unlock new regions when completing certain waves!
Arena Kits: Create premade kits that players will choose to fight against mobs with, or allow players to join with their own equipment!
Arena Scoreboard: Display current game status on a fully customizable scoreboard! Also, each arena can have different scoreboard style!
Arena Ready State: Players can use special item/sign to mark themselves as ready to play. When all players are ready, the lobby timer drops down to a certain value defined in the config, so the game can start earlier!
Arena Lobby
Before the game starts, all players are went to a lobby, where they can select or purchase kits, view their stats, wait other players, and preparing to the game.

Players will receice special (fully customizable) lobby items to browse their kits, viewing stats, or leaving the arena.

Each arena has configurable lobby time.

Arena Auto Open/Close Schedulers
Create auto-events with your arenas! For each arena you can set open/close times, when they will be (un)available to play.

Arena Join Requirements
Set permission requirement to join certain arena.
Set money requirement to join certain arena.
Set level requirement (for now, only with MMOCore) to join arena.

Arena Scoreboard
Display game stats and player info via customizable arena scoreboard! Each arena can have it's own scoreboard style.
(You need ProtocolLib to use scoreboard)

Arena Currency
With AdvancedMobArena, you can use multiple currencies at the same time:
Arena Coins: Built-in plugin currency.
Vault: With Economy plugin provider.
Each currency has it's own config file and can be disabled completely.
(Note: You must have at least one currency enabled for the plugin to work)

Currency features:
Set arena join payment requirements with specified currencies.
Set arena kit currency.
Set arena shop product currency.
Set mob kill reward currency.

Arena Gameplay Features
Timeleft. Define a time before the game will be automatically ended if players not reached the latest wave.
Mob Highlight. Mobs will have a glow effect with a certain color when there is X% of the total spawned mobs left alive.
Enable/Disable shop per each arena.
Enable/Disable scoreboard per each arena.
Enable/Disable player hunger per each arena.
Enable/Disable natural regeneration per each arena.
Enable/Disable item drop/pickup per each arena.
Enable/Disable item durability reduction per each arena.
Enable/Disable usage of certain items (e.g. Ender Pearl) per each arena.
Enable/Disable mob loot/exp drop per each arena.
Enable/Disable spectate mode per each arena.
Enable/Disable kits per each arena.
Enable/Disable usage of non-arena commands per each arena.
Set minimum and maximum players per each arena.
Set maximum usages for certain kits per each arena.
Allow/Disallow usage of certain kits per each arena.
Allow/Disallow pets from other plugins per each arena.
Allow/Disallow mcMMO usage per each arena.
Arena Chat
Let players on arena to communicate with each other without affecting the server chat!

Chat format is fully customizable and supports PlaceholderAPI.

Arena Custom Mobs
Create your own mob variants of the same mob types.
You can even use passive mobs! They will target and attack players!

You can use MythicMobs / EliteMobs / BossMania instead!

Custom Mob Features:
Set custom display name.
Set attributes (start and per level): Max. Health, Damage, Speed.
Set mob color/type/variant/size.
Set min. and max mob level.
Create custom boss bar indicating mob health and name.

Arena Kill Streaks
A bit more fun when killing mobs with kill streaks!
Create custom kill streaks for certain amount of kills and reward players with extra game coins and/or score.

You can also send custom message to a player, and even execute custom commands!

There is also an option to set a kill streak decay.

Arena Waves:
Create custom waves with unlimited amount of mobs in each, and spawn them in certain arena regions!

Each arena has configurable options for:
Final Wave. When final wave is cleared, the game will be ended (win).
Wave Delay. Amount in seconds before the first/new wave is spawned.
Gradual Spawn Feature:
When enabled, only certain amount (in percent) of all mobs of the wave will be spawned when a wave starts. Then, for every X mobs killed, or every X seconds passed, a new mob group (as a percent of total mobs) will be spawned.
Set a percent amount for the first mob group spawned.
Set a percent amount for all next mob groups spawned.
Set an seconds interval before a new (prepared) mob group is spawned.

Arena Wave Amplificators
For each arena wave, there is a special section for amplificators.
Amplficators allows you to increase amount of spawned mobs and mobs levels on certain arena events.

You can increase amount of mobs in certain wave for each 2nd arena wave.
You can decrease amount of mobs in all/certain wave(s) when a player dies.
You can increase level of mobs in all/certain wave(s) when a new player joined.
And a lot more!

Arena Rewards
Create unlimited amount of custom rewards and reward arena players on certain arena game events!

Reward Features:
Set if player should lost all obtained rewards on death.
Set if player should lost all obtained rewards on game lose.
Set display name for each reward.
Set if reward should be given right now or after the game.
Add up to 27 custom items for each reward.
Execute custom commands for each reward.
Set a target for each reward. All Players / Random Player.
Reward Receiving Examples:
Give certain reward(s) when a certain wave(s) finished.
Give certain reward(s) when a certain mob(s) killed.
Give certain reward(s) when a new region unlocked.
And a lot more!

Arena Shop
Let your players to upgrade their equipment during the game by pruchasing new armor and items in the arena shop for coins earned for killing mobs!

You can make it so that certain shop product(s) will be (un)available only on certain events, which brings a bit more dynamics into the game!

Shop & Product Features:
Fully customizable Shop GUI.
Set if shop should locked until all mobs are killed.
Set custom display name for each product.
Set Lock/Unlock triggers for each shop product.
Set price per each product.
Set if product will be available only to players with certain kit(s).
Add up to 27 custom items for each shop product.
Execute custom commands for each product when it's purchased.
Product Lock/Unlock Examples:
Lock/Unlock certain shop product(s) when certain wave(s) passed.
Lock/Unlock certain shop product(s) when certain score is reached.
Lock/Unlock certain shop product(s) when certain region(s) are unlocked.
And a lot more!

Arena Spots
Bring even more dynamics into the game with arena spots!
Spots are small places, groups of blocks, that can be changed on certain game events.

Turn water oasis on you arena into lava oasis when certain wave reached!
Open/Close doors to other arena locations when certain mob(s) killed!
And a lot more!

Arena Kits
Create unlimited amount of predefined sets of custom armors and items for your players to fight against mobs with!

You can disable kits for each arena individually, making players to use their own equipment.

Kit Features:
Fully customizable Kit Shop, Selector and Preiew GUIs.
Ability to create signs to select kits.
Set if player must have permission to purchase/use kit.
Set if kit must be purchased for certain cost, or make it free.
Set custom kit icon to display in GUIs.
Set permanent potion effects that player will have while using certain kit.
Set custom items for kit armors and inventory.
Execute custom commands for each kit.

Arena Holograms:
Create dynamic and clickable holograms for Arenas, Kits, Regions and Player Stats!
(You need HolographicDisplays or DecentHolograms plugin for hologram stats)

Arena Stats:
There are also a Stats System! Track player stats and display the best results via Signs or Holograms!

Stats Tracked:
Mob Kills, Best Kill Streak
Games Played, Games Won, Games Lost
Coins Spent
Potions Drunk, Food Eaten
Arrows Launched, TNT Exploded
Equipment Broken
Stats Features:
Fully customizable Stats GUI.
Customizable Signs and Hologram format.
Customizable stats update interval.

Some Tips:
Place Player Head above the sign, or on a sign block to make it use the skin of the stats player on a sign.
Create an NPC (You need Citizens plugin) on a sign block to make it use the skin of the stats player on a sign.

Link to Placeholders

Spoiler: Screenshots

Spoiler: Video
Gameplay Video (Outdated): (Thanks to @ericbarbwire).


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