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Age of Colonies | A new team-based adventure instead of old boring "Factions"

Plugins Age of Colonies | A new team-based adventure instead of old boring "Factions" 1.0_beta

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Original resource URL: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/30-off-age-of-colonies-a-new-team-based-adventure-instead-of-old-boring-factions.6173/

Native Minecraft Version:1.16Tested Minecraft Versions:
  • 1.15
  • 1.16
  • 1.17
Contributors:[Developer] RepublicanSensei, [Helper] sethLanguages Supported:Every Possible Language
From the creators of SUPERGUILDS...

" Humans have always been here since the world existed. Humans, each of whom was endowed with power, were filled with greed and hatred. Humans separated from each other and established colonies in different parts of the world. Some colonies remained primitive, while others were more advanced. But there was always something that happened: The Colony Wars. Now the earth only accepts the strong. Evolve your age of colony, expand your colony or perish, the choice is yours! "


Age of Colonies is a plugin that allows your players to create their teams called "Colony" and expore the world, upgrade their colony features like buildings, troops (NPCs) and etc. Each colony has its own age and players can evolve their colony ages, they start in Pre-historic Age when they create colony. Evolution through the ages traits new troops and increases health of the base. Ages have three stages, upgrading these stages empowers your troops stats. Also you can unlock the troops during war by using upgrades. You will able to spawn better units while you're in war.



Colony leaders can declare war on other colonies and fight them for land or loot. Leader can send war invitations to other colonies. If target colony doesn't have The War Shield, the war will start immediately otherwise an invitation menu will be send to target colony. After a war, loser colony gets 24 hours war shield.

There is a Trophy system that you can gain Trophies by winning a colony war or you can lose Trophies if you be loser. If your trophies are enough for the next League, automaticly you will be promoted to the next league. The Leagues are:
1. Unranked, 2. Bronze, 3. Silver, 4. Gold, 5. Crystal, 6. Master, 7. Champion, 8. Titan, 9. Legend


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