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AltsManager » 1.7 - 1.17 • Fully configurable • API

Plugins AltsManager » 1.7 - 1.17 • Fully configurable • API 5.2.4

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Original resource URL: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/altsmanager-%C2%BB-1-7-1-17-%E2%80%A2-fully-configurable-%E2%80%A2-api.43584/

Native Minecraft Version:1.16Tested Minecraft Versions:
  • 1.7
  • 1.8
  • 1.9
  • 1.10
  • 1.11
  • 1.12
  • 1.13
  • 1.14
  • 1.15
  • 1.16
  • 1.17

Stay one step ahead of the people who think they're one step ahead of you!

Don't hesitate to leave suggestions!


Have any people that are abusing your server with alternate accounts? This is the easiest and cheapest resolution to be able to get a hold of your server again! You will ALWAYS be at least one step ahead of the people who think they are ahead of you! With the sleekest way of letting you control what goes on, even before it happens. AltsManager is a great way to know who is trying to do what and maybe just catch a few VPN users who think they're the smart ones.

How could this be useful? »


There's always the issue of using alternate accounts to spawn in
more items from kits. This resource will resolve that issue with ease!
Maybe you're worried about players using bots? Maybe to farm or to abuse bugs, either way, you're covered!


If you own any type of Prison server, you should know the term, "Prestige boosting." Which is done by paying another player money before they prestige, (Your balance is reset after you prestige) then they pay them right back to rank up until they can Prestige again and simply repeat the process. A very large issue which can be fixed with this resource easily.

Other reasons for all server types »
There are numerous websites out there to get countless alternate accounts for Minecraft instantly with just a few bucks. Alternate accounts typically have ways for abuse with economy or other types of one per person set layouts. Of course there are more and more bugs found uniquely to the server. The entire point of AltsManager is to cover you no matter if you have other protection or not. You may have another alternate account management resource, but AltsManager promises 0 flaws and its lightweight ability to provide a fully configurable setup. AltsManager was made with the main focus to be for the staff of the server. To make it look as clean and understandable as possible. The default config is set up to clearly state what is being displayed. Most of the buyers of AltsManager actually stick with the default config layout. AltsManager is updated with any new ideas that I can personally think of that's good for the resource, or of course any ideas from you guys here on SpigotMC!

Note »
If you ever have any questions please join my Resource Discord.
» PCPSell's Resource Discord

What happens when someone joins that has logged in with an alt? »

Note » This message is fully configurable.
(You will INSTANTLY know before they can even do any abusing)


/alts »

Note » This message is fully configurable.
(Type "/alts search (player) true" to hide all accounts that are currently banned for that player)
(But, if you don't type a boolean (true/false) here it'll show all accounts and the banned ones will display red and the green ones are of course the un-banned accounts)

/alts search (player) »

Note » This message is fully configurable.

/alts forcemessage (player) (message) »

» Provides the option to comedically let everyone know if a player is using any alts.
Note » This message is fully configurable.


Spoiler: Config

Spoiler: Permissions

(Note » You can just edit "Max-Alts-Reached-Commands:" and set it to kick the player upon joining.)
Well since this is an IP logger, it'll legitimately only let the set amount of players on one IP log in at once. Meaning one thing: If someone that has siblings or any friends over at their house tries to get online, well only the number you have set are able to join. This is why I recommend setting "Max-Accounts:" to 2 at all times. (Just make sure to watch them


Well, to be honest it is very situational. Not all servers need this and I know that. But for the servers that could use something like this, it is a big, big help.

Code (Text):
AltsAPI.isIPLogged(String ip) - Check if a specific IP has already been logged.
AltsAPI.logIP(Player p) - Log a players IP (Won't log anything if IP is already logged)
AltsAPI.areAnyAltsLogged() - Check if any Alts have ever been logged.
AltsAPI.getAltFiles() - Returns all Alts files. (List<File>)
AltsAPI.getTotalAltsLoggedOnIP(String ip) - Returns the total amount of alts logged on the given IP.
AltsAPI.getOnlinePlayersLoggedOnIP(String ip) - Returns the amount of currently online players on the given IP.
AltsAPI.addPlayerToIP(Player p, String ip) - Add a player to the given IP. (Won't work if IP was never logged)
AltsAPI.getTotalAltsLogged() - Returns the total amount of alts ever logged.
AltsAPI.getPlayersAltsUUID(File f) - Returns the list of UUIDs in a players Alts file. (List<UUID>)
AltsAPI.getPlayersAltFile(OfflinePlayer p) - Returns an offline players Alt file.


» Play.GTAsylum.US (My server)

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would be to join my Resource Discord.
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Note »
Please DO NOT leave bad reviews for any issues
that you have. Please simply PM me or leave it
in the discussion tab. Thank you.

That and reviews are highly appreciated!


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