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Animatronics - Animate armorstands. (1.8 - 1.19.4)

Plugins Animatronics - Animate armorstands. (1.8 - 1.19.4) 2.7.5

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Original resource URL: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/animatronics-animate-armorstands-1-8-1-19-4.36518/

Tested Minecraft Versions:
  • 1.8
  • 1.9
  • 1.10
  • 1.11
  • 1.12
  • 1.13
  • 1.14
  • 1.15
  • 1.16
  • 1.17
  • 1.18
  • 1.19
With Animatronics you can create armorstand animations in seconds! With this plugin you can capture armorstand positions and play them back animated. The plugin is still being kept up to date, with 5 years of support and counting. I've spent a lot of time on optimisation, so the plugin runs like a feather on your server (running 300+ animatronics used 0.5% CPU). Be sure to let me know if you are looking for a feature to be added to the plugin. Let me know through a Spigot DM.

For posing the armorstands I recommend: this plugin .

/anima edit <name> - start editing or create a new Animatronic.
/anima addpos (select)- This will search for a armorstand in a 0.5 block radius, and will save the position and location for the Animatronic that you are currently editing. This will also save the items that are on the armorstand.
When typing select after the command, it will wait for you to select an armorstand instead of grabbing one in 0.5 block radius.
/anima rempos (<position>) - Remove the last position you added to the Animatronic. Or the specified position.
/anima poslist - Prints out the positions of the Animatronic you are currently editing. / Shows all the positions for 4 seconds.
/anima play <name> (<amount>) - Plays the Animatronic.
/anima playrev <name> - Plays the Animatronic in reverse.
/anima setdelay <delay in ticks> (<of position>) - Set the duration of the animation between positions for the Animatronic that you are currently editing. You can also set a delay between 2 specifi positions. So you can more precicely time the animations.
/anima remove <name> - Remove a Animatronic.
/anima toggle <name> - Animatronic will play infinitely until its toggeled off again.
/anima togglelist - List all the Animatronics that are currently toggled on and looping.
/anima gotostart <name> - Teleports the armorstand to the starting position.
/anima totaltime <time in ticks> - This will calculate the delay between poses with the total animation time entered.
/anima listall - List all the animatronics available, in a fancy GUI
/anima checkupdate - Check if there is a update available.
/anima showpos - This shows the positions for the Animatronic you are currently editing for 4 seconds.
/anima editpos <position number> - Works the same as addpos but now replaces the specified position number.
/anima setpos <position number> - Sets the current pose of the armorstand to the desired position number, so you can edit it and then replace it with editpos.
/anima select - Right click an Armorstand within 10 seconds to see if it is a Animatronic. If so you will automaticly start editing it.
/anima group <groupname> add/toggle/play/playrev/remove/stop/preload/gotostart
- With groups you can start or toggle multiple Animatronics at once. This is can be usefull to start a scene with 1 command.
/anima loopdelay <delay in ticks between loops> - The amount of time the Animatronic will pause after it plays in a loop. If you set it to 40, it will wait 2 seconds after the Animatronic has finished. Before it starts again.
/anima stop <name> - Immediately stop the Animatronic.
/anima rename <old name> <new name> - Rename an Animatronic.
/anima despawn <true/false> - If set to true the plugin will despawn the armorstand after playing.
/anima copy <from name> <to new name> - Copies the given animatronic to a new name.
/anima link <name> <name> - Linking explanation further below.

Following commands require protocol lib to work:
/anima playsolo <animatronic name> <player name> - Plays the given animatronic only visible to the user given.
/anima playrevsolo <animatronnic name> <player name> - Plays the given animatronic in reverse, only visible to the user given.

animatronic.<command name> - Example: play command. "animatronics.play"


Animatronics can be linked together, so they can share the same armorstand entity. When linking the entity id is shared, so they can both use the same armorstand
Spoiler: Not linked
Spoiler: Linked

Spoiler: Video
Spoiler: Tutorial made by JPLand21
Spoiler: Dutch tutorial made by: The BelgiumGames

Example gif:

Spoiler: Examples

Beautiful show made with Animatronics by Les Fous du Puy.

There also is a little API so you can trigger and manipulate Animatronics through your own plugins.

Code (Text):
Animatronic anima = new Animatronic("Animatronic Name");
Group g = new Group("Group name");


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