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[AP] Activity/Longevity Meters

xF2 Add-ons [AP] Activity/Longevity Meters 1.2.0

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Original resource URL: https://xenforo.com/community/resources/ap-activity-longevity-meters.8447/

Inspired by WetWired's vBulletin mod

This addon adds an "activity" and a "longevity" meter to users postbits and profiles.

A cron job runs at a configured timeframe (daily, weekly, monthly) which resets the activity meters to 0.


  • Supports [OzzModz] Post Comments
  • Supports [UW] Forum Comments System
  • Supports [AP] Minimum Characters to Post Count
  • Admin options
    • Disable activity meter
    • Disable longevity meter
    • Required posts to fill the activity meter to 100%
    • Show meters in postbit
    • Show meters in profile
    • Reset activity meters daily, weekly, or monthly
    • Exclude specified nodes from counting towards activity meter
    • Count post comments towards activity meter if a supported addon is installed
    • Set a "start date" for your forum, instead of using the registration date of User ID #1
  • Permissions
    • "View activity meter" permission
    • "View longevity meter" permission
  • Style properties
    • Progress bar background
    • Progress bar color
    • Progress bar height
    • Progress bar percentage text

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