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☄️Aurora☄️| Ambient Particle Display - Customisable Per-Biome

VIP Plugins ☄️Aurora☄️| Ambient Particle Display - Customisable Per-Biome 5.7.0

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Original resource URL: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/%E2%98%84%EF%B8%8Faurora%E2%98%84%EF%B8%8F-ambient-particle-display-customisable-per-biome.89399/

Tested Minecraft Versions:
  • 1.19


Illuminate the night with breathtaking ambient particle effects

Aurora provides a unique experience for all players by generating dynamic ambient particle effects using a high-performance particle engine. All particles are fully configurable and can be customized per-biome to fit each server's needs. The base plugin comes with multiple high-quality default configs covering all particle shapes Aurora has to offer, available for almost all vanilla biomes.
Dependencies: LightAPI and RTUBiomeLib
A list of Frequently Asked Questions can be found here FAQ.

Due to the nature of MC code, there is a set of Minimum Server Specifications. You can also try this Optimize Performance to improve performance server side or Phosphor to improve lighting client sided

Purchasing via BTC & ETH is now possible, however you'll have to contact me on my support server for this.

  • Highly configurable
    • Over 50+ particle types
    • 7 unique particle shapes
      • Point
      • Line
      • Cube
      • Ring
      • Circle
      • Wave
    • All shape parameters (size, height, ...) can be modified
    • Combine multiple particle groups in a single biome
  • No setup required
    • Base plugin comes with 40+ unique particle configs
    • Available for almost all vanilla biomes
    • Simply drag & drop the plugin to get started
  • Cross-version compatibility
    • Incompatible biomes & particles will automatically be disabled instead of breaking the plugin
  • Full custom biome support
    • Use Aurora with your favourite custom terrain generators
    • All datapacks which inject custom biomes are also fully compatible
  • WorldGuard per-region support
    • Set particles based on WorldGuard regions instead of using biomes
    • Perfect for Lobby or RPG servers
  • Per-player toggle & permission support
    • Allow players with low-end setups to disable Aurora's ambient particles client-side via a command
    • Permission nodes to make ambient particles only available to donators
  • View per-biome & global particle stats
    • Easily find enabled particles in a particular biome or region for faster navigation and configuration
    • Toggle globally enabled particles with the use of a command
  • Extensive developer API
    • Give your own developers the ability to hook into Aurora's API
    • Create stunning custom particle shapes and designs
  • High-performance with async code
    • Aurora can utilise multiple cores for intensive particle-management tasks
  • One of a kind
    • The first-ever public plugin on SpigotMC to introduce ambient particle effects
    • Enhance your server experience like never before









Permission to see all ambient particles. Required to use any Aurora command
/aurora help
Help command to show all possible arguments
/aurora toggle <on/off>
Toggle client-side ambient particle effects
/aurora reload
Reload all plugin configs and particle files
/aurora status
View information on enabled particles in the server
/aurora fixlighting [radius]
Update and refresh lighting on [radius] nearby chunks


Code (Text):
// Wiki: https://github.com/OpticFusion1/Aurora-Wiki/wiki/Particle-Configuration

// This is a generic example particle config which can be used for ALL particle types
// Note that some values in "properties" will be ignored depending on the shape in "particle.particleType"
// It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to use the templates provided in the link above instead to make your configs more readable

// Usage: Before using this default config, remove all comments (//...) and rename the file extension to .json

"name": "Example Particle",
"enabled": true,
"spawning": {
"biomes": [
"spawnDistance": 10.0,
"randMultiplier": 0.5,
"relativePlayerPosition": false,
"minY": 80.0,
"maxY": 100.0,
"shuffleLocations": true
"particle": {
"particleName": "FLAME",
"particleType": "CUBE",
"maxCount": 8,
"enableLighting": false
"properties": {
"length": [2.0, 5.0],
"radius": [1.0, 3.0],
"rate": 0.5,
"update": 5,
"duration": [180, 200],
"waveCycles": [4.5, 6.0],
"waveAmplitude": 3.0,
"rotationAngle": 35.0,
"rotationAxis": "x"



1. Logo Design | Hipop
2. Configs & Beta Testing | Skaian
3. Lead Developer | Optic_Fusion1
4. Video & Editing | Greylatte


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Latest updates

  1. [5.7.0]

    Changes Replaced LightAPI with LighterAPI Note: Lighting still doesn't work, waiting on dev to...
  2. [5.6.0]

    Changes Temporarily removed LightAPI support until a replacement is made

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