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Bandit Assault pack

VIP MC Models Bandit Assault pack V1

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Original resource URL: https://mcmodels.net/model/bandit-assault-pack-v1/

The ultimate pack for populating your server with bandits! Advanced AI, vanilla friendly, and incredibly well optimized! (Only 6 bones per bandit!) This pack will definitely bring an interesting challenge to your low level zones with special attention to detail!
Bandit assault adds an incredible combat experience perfect for mid-low families of mobs!
Exceptionally optimized (6 bones each only!), vanilla-friendly, and with advanced AI,
will make the first levels of farming very fun and challenging, while making it
extremely easy for you to populate your worlds with 9 variations of bandits!

Features one of the best archer AI available, parry/stagger mechanics, easy randomization
of the bandit skin, great custom sounds and particle FX, comprised in 3 bandit types:

Technical trailer:

Also check our Birthday pack, if you’re curious about the confetti cannon!


Advanced archer AI! Dynamically gets out of the way of allies, and constantly
moves backwards and performs backsteps to avoid close contact!
Tries to get out of the path of other archers and constantly moves if necessary!

If you get too close or try to block too much, they will get a knife out and try to
solve the issue the rough way!


The tough guys! They are resistant to stagger (But still possible to interrupt their attacks
when you time your attacks well!), tankier, and have strong AOE damage, and a lot of
impact in their attacks! In summary, they s m a c c!

They come with an additional variation of the weapon, that is chosen randomly!


Agile bandits with a simple combo based attack style! They will attack you with a swift
and deadly combo, and will try to maneuver backwards to avoid direct damage!

Parry and stagger them if you time your attacks properly! Weaker than the
bruiser bandit, but swifter and with faster attacks!


Easily populate a zone with bandits with an automatic randomization! Let the bandit type use a
random variant, or choose the one you prefer for a determined situation!

Every mob has only 6 bones, thus being absolutely optimized, and able to be spammed
without causing lag issues to players or servers!

Features three types of bandits with 3 variants each!


– 3 types of Archer bandits (+25 HQ animations)
– 3 types of Bruiser bandits (+25 HQ animations)
– 3 types of Assassin bandits (+25 HQ animations)

– MythicMobs Configurations (+1500 lines average)
Visual Effects Configurations (MM)
Premade resourcepack (Custom sounds, drag & drop)

Requires ModelEngine AND MythicMobs PREMIUM
Compatible with both ModelEngine 4 and 3


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