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Boss - Unbelievable Custom Monsters

VIP Plugins Boss - Unbelievable Custom Monsters v4.13.2

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Original resource URL: https://builtbybit.com/resources/boss-unbelievable-custom-monsters.21619/


The most versatile custom entities plugin with skins, AI and placeholder support and a clean GUI.

60 SECONDS SETUP: Run /boss menu,
click "Bosses", then click "Create New". Done!
(Everything else is configurable in the same menu.)


Discover Custom Mobs Updating
One last feature that did not quite fit into the artwork above... Each time you change your custom animals or custom entities in the GUI, they will update automatically in your worlds!


Is Boss™ for me?

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Minimum Requirements
Java 8 or newer
Spigot or Paper 1.7.10 or newer
(such as 1.8.8, 1.12, 1.16, 1.19+, see above)

Terms Of Service
Upon purchasing you agree to MineAcademy.org Terms Of Service.

Developer API
You can find our developer API with documentation on which class are available as well as how to add own, unique skills, here.

Customer Support
Need help? We are here for you! You can open an Issue on Github or use our Discord to chat with our support team. All questions are answered.



First release
Last update
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Latest updates

  1. 4.13.2

    Improve | Added Minecraft 1.21 compatibility.
  2. 4.13.1

    Improve | Performance and stability improvements to editing Bosses by only saving the Boss .yml...
  3. 4.13.0

    !! BREAKING | If you're running Minecraft < 1.14, please move the Metadata section from data.db...

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