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BountyHunters Premium 2.5

Plugins BountyHunters Premium 2.5 2.5

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Tested Minecraft Versions:
  • 1.14
  • 1.15
  • 1.16
  • 1.17
  • 1.18
  • 1.19

Source Code | Issue Tracker | Documentation | Metrics | Trello

An older plugin build is available for free here and still supports Spigot 1.8-1.14. If you'd like to contribute to the project and have access to latest updates and support, you may get the premium version, which features better performance, MySQL support and configurability options. BountyHunters remains open source, so feel free to compile the latest version available on GitHub.

You need Java 16 to run BountyHunters 2.3.14 or higher.

Latest Builds are for 1.14+
Latest Build for 1.9-1.13: 2.4.4


  • Simple, efficient & automatic bounty system
    • Players can set bounties on other players using a command.
    • Once the bounty is set, anyone can kill the target to claim the reward.
    • Anyone may increase a player's current bounty.
    • Plugin commands all feature automatic tab completion.


  • Highly configurable
    • Player head drops/commands when claiming bounty
    • Fully translatable (items & messages)
    • Configurable message & sounds
    • Much more..
  • Full MySQL and YAML support
  • Full plugin logging so admins can keep track of claimed bounties.
  • Options to fight bounty abuse
    • Minimum & maximum rewards
    • Taxes when creating and removing a bounty
      • Taxes can be redirected to a server/player account
    • Prevent players from claiming their own bounties
    • Cooldown on bounty placement & on player targeting
  • Level up Rewards
    • Players level up after claiming X bounties
    • Player titles, displayed on the leaderboard
    • Particle effects displayed when claiming a bounty
  • Features a tracking compass to hunt your targets down
    • Can be bought in the bounty menu
    • Displays a nice particle arrow towards your target
  • Advanced Bounty Claim Restrictions
    • Towny: cannot claim bounties from players in the same town
    • BungeeFriends, PartyAndFriends: cannot claim bounties from friends
    • Bed Spawn Point Check: players with close bed spawn points cannot claim each other's bounties
  • Placeholders for PlaceholderAPI
    • %bountyhunters_<level/successful_bounties/claimed_bounties>%
    • %bountyhunters_illegal_<streak/kills>%
    • %bountyhunters_<title/quote>%
    • %bountyhunters_progress%
    • %bountyhunters_before_level_up%
    • %bountyhunters_current_bounty%
    • %bountyhunters_top_<1_to_16>%
    • %bountyhunters_topb_<1_to_16>%
  • Depends on Vault
    • Make sure you have an economy plugin installed.
  • Supports Residence and WorldGuard flags (regions where creating or claiming bounties is denied)
  • Automatic Bounties
    • A bounty will drop onto whoever kills someone illegally with no bounty
    • If the killer already has a bounty, its reward is increased
  • Interactive Bounty Menu
    Spoiler: Screenshot
  • Hunter Leaderboard
    Spoiler: Screenshot
  • Open source & intuitive API for developers
  • Checks for updates and notify admins if required
  • Metrics

  • /addbounty <player> <bounty> sets a bounty on a player.
  • /bounties opens the bounties GUI.
  • /hunters opens the hunter leaderboard.
  • /bounties quotes lists all owned death quotes.
  • /bounties titles lists all owned hunter titles.
  • /bounties reload reloads the plugin.
  • /bounties help shows the help page.
  • /bounties remove <player> removes a player's bounty.
  • /bounties edit <player> edits a bounty.

  • bountyhunters.list gives access to the bounty list.
  • bountyhunters.add gives access to bounty placement.
  • bountyhunters.claim allows to claim bounties.
  • bountyhunters.remove allows to remove your bounties.
  • bountyhunters.leaderboard gives access to the hunter leaderboard.
  • bountyhunters.quote allows to use quotes.
  • bountyhunters.title allows to use titles.
  • bountyhunters.admin gives access to admin commands.
  • bountyhunters.immunity prevents other players from setting a bounty on you.
  • bountyhunters.immunity.bypass bypasses the immunity perm node.
  • bountyhunters.untargetable prevents other players from targeting you.
  • bountyhunters.untargetable.bypass bypasses the untrackable perm node.
  • bountyhunters.update-notify notifies you when logging in, when a new version is available.

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