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BOXPVP - Premium Server Setup

Server BOXPVP - Premium Server Setup 2.2.2

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Original resource URL: https://builtbybit.com/resources/boxpvp-premium-server-setup.26589/?ref=discover

This BOXPVP SETUP is the best one out there with ZERO premium plugins, so you won't have to buy any extra plugins.
The native server version is 1.19.4
Please check the README.txt after purchasing so you can install the required dependencies.

  • Unique Arena | The spawn & arena found in this server is completely unique. You won't find this version of the spawn anywhere else!
  • Temporary Blocks | Blocks placed in the arena will disappear after a configurable time!
  • Server Levels | Enjoy a new aspect to the server by levelling up your account as you play!
  • 3x Box Rooms | Players can enjoy the Overworld, Nether and End themed box rooms!
  • Quests | Let your players progress easily with in-game Quests
  • Skills | Players can gain permanent buffs from upgrading their skills!
  • Shopkeepers | Use villager shopkeepers for all the server trades!
  • Coin Shop | Sell coins on your store for players to spend in the Coin Shop.
  • AFK Room | Reward AFK players with custom rewards every 15 minutes!
  • Playtime Levels | Reward players for their playtime with Playtime Rewards!
  • Modern Version | This setup has been updated to 1.19.3 so you can enjoy the newest Minecraft features.
  • Duels | 1v1 your friends in dedicated arenas with easy duels!
  • Ranks | 5 Donator Ranks & 4 Staff Ranks have been pre-configured with permissions.
  • Donator Mines | Reward Donators with their own dedicated mine for their rank.
  • Daily Rewards | Give players a reason to log in each day with Daily Rewards.
  • Custom NPCs | Let your users click on custom NPC's instead of using tricky commands.
  • Vote Rewards | Voting Rewards & Vote Partys have been pre-configured for ease of use.
  • Combat Log | Stop players logging out mid-combat with CombatLogX.
  • Anti-Cheat | Keep cheaters off your server with Themis Anti-cheat.
  • Custom Menus | Custom GUI Menus to keep players engaged.
  • Shulker Boxes | Shulker Boxes open with a right-click so players don't have their items stolen!
  • Custom Crates | A completely custom set of crates have been fully configured.
  • Chat Tags | Sell chat tags via ranks in your store to make a profit.
  • Vanish | Vanish plugin pre-configured to catch cheaters easily.
  • Chat Announcements | Announcements pop up in chat every 90 seconds!
  • WorldGuard | Regions are fully set up to stop users from breaking the server.
  • Free Plugins | No Premium plugins are required for this setup.
  • AND MORE | Join the test server with the IP above to explore ALL the features.



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Latest updates

  1. 2.2.2

    Added the duels world since it was not there in the recent versions. Added leaderboards GUI...
  2. 2.2.1

    Players are now notified in chat when they walk in and out of an AFK area and if they will...

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