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[BS] First Statistics Pro

xF2 Add-ons [BS] First Statistics Pro

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Compatible XF Versions2.0 , 2.1

[BS] First Statistics Pro is the best statistic for your forum at the moment. It is both universal, multifunctional and easy to use.

The key point in the implementation of FSP is the ability to completely customize both tabs and groups. For each group, as well as for the tab, a separate template is created in which you can change everything your heart desires.

Standard statistics tabs are a separate addition.

Key features and benefits of FSP:
  • Full customization
  • Template for each group
  • Template for each tab
  • Phrase for each tab
  • Ability to copy tabs
  • The ability to implement their own types of tabs (resources, etc.)
  • Adaptability
  • Auto update


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