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BungeeNPC [Command NPC is here!] | No dependencies!

Plugins BungeeNPC [Command NPC is here!] | No dependencies!

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Native Minecraft Version:1.13Tested Minecraft Versions:
  • 1.8
  • 1.9
  • 1.10
  • 1.11
  • 1.12
  • 1.13
Contributors:javiturec (Icon), el_trueno (NPC System), malachiel (Tester and bug reporter)

Hey spigot community and network owners this time i brought you a new Spigot plugin that allows you to create NPC to connect to your Bungee Servers.

Note #1: If you are switching from an old version of the plugin (1.20 to 1.3.x) or of new to newest use THIS tool to convert the old file format to the new format!
Note #2: NEEDS Java 8 TO WORK!
Note #3: If you find an error or have an issue, open an issue here: https://github.com/MrMaurice211/BungeeNPC


• You can set the name you want to the NPC! With spaces too! (Usage: Put ';' as space, example: "Name;With;Spaces")
• You can run commands through the NPC! - NEW!
• You can set the skin of each NPC!
• You can upload and set a custom skin for NPC!
• You can set a Cooldown of interaction!
• You can toggle the entrance through the NPC!
• You can toggle if the NPC will follow the player with the eyes!
• You can set the items in hand and armor of the NPC!
• You can set a "status" that will show when you disable the entrance!
• You can change the server that the NPC will connect!
• You can set a specific JavaScript condition to join the server!
• You can display a server group!
• You can configure almost every messsage of the plugin!
• Custom line system to display whatever you want!
• In game NPC editor - NEW!
• Hook to PlaceholderAPI and MWdWPlaceholder plugins for the custom Line System! - NEW!

Required Plugins:


The plugin can hook to:



  • /bnpc create <name/name;with;spaces> <NPCtype> <a r g s> - Description: You create a NPC at your Location!
  • /bnpc edit - Description: Open a in-game editor for the NPC! - NEW!
  • /bnpc select - Description: You select the nearest NPC or you can just Shift + Right Click to select!
  • /bnpc info - Description: It shows the info of the NPC!
  • /bnpc list - Description: Shows every created NPC!
  • /bnpc skin <list/set/upload> <skinFileName> - Description: Upload, list or set skins for a NPC!
  • /bnpc line <add/addAt/remove/set> <index/text> - Description: Edit the lines of the NPC
  • /bnpc cmds <add/remove/removeAll/list> <commandType> <command> - Description: Edit the commands ran by a NPC!
  • /bnpc delete - Description: You delete the NPC that you select!
  • /bnpc update - Description: Update the NPC info!
  • /bnpc togglejoin - Description: You can toggle if the players can join!
  • /bnpc equip <add/remove/reset> <slot> - Description: Equip the selected NPC with the item in your hand in the slot you choose!
  • /bnpc toggleLC - Description: You can toggle if the NPC will follow players with the eyes!
  • /bnpc tp - Description: Selected NPC will teleport to your current location!
  • /bnpc withelist - Description: You can toggle if the players without permissions can join!
  • /bnpc setserver <server1,server2> - Description: You set the new server that the NPC points!
  • /bnpc setstatus <status> - Description: You set what the NPC shows when you toggle the entrance!
  • /bnpc setname <name> - Description: Set the name of the NPC!
  • /bnpc reload - Description: Reload the config and NPC's!

Whitelist mode explanation:
Works in almost the same way than the ToggleJoin, it will show the status instead of the player count and you will need a specific permission (bungeenpc.bypass) to join (unlinke the ToggleJoin than you cant join in anyway)!

Custom skin system explanation:
You need to put the png file in the BungeeNPC -> skins folder and use the command /bnpc upload SkinFileName (whitout .png)
When the skin is ready will give you a notification and then, you apply it to the NPC by /bnpc setskin SkinFileName and thats all!

Custom line system explanation:
When you do /bnpc line
The help will popup, you can choose between some functions like add, addAt, remove and set, you can use placeholders in the lines from PlaceholderAPI and MWdWPlacerholder plugins, also, this plugin come with some "default" placeholder:
• %status% = Will show if the server is online/offline and the status msg when toggleJoin is off!
• %npc% = Will show the NPC name!
• %server% = Will show the name of the Server assigned to the NPC!
• %count% = Will only show the player count in the server!
• %count:server% = Will show the count for the server you choose!
• %motd:server% = Will display the motd of the server!
• %isOn:server% = Will return if the server is on (true/false)


Spoiler: How to create a NPC


  • bnpc.create - Permission for the Create command!
  • bnpc.delete - Permission for the Delete command!
  • bnpc.select - Permission for the Select command!
  • bnpc.update - Permission for the Update command!
  • bnpc.list - Permission for the List command!
  • bnpc.equip - Permission for the Equip command!
  • bnpc.skin - Permission for the Skin command!
  • bnpc.line - Permission for the Line command!
  • bnpc.cmds - Permission for the Cmds command!
  • bnpc.edit - Permission for the Edit command! - NEW!
  • bnpc.togglejoin - Permission for the ToggleJoin command!
  • bnpc.whitelist - Permission for the WhiteList command!
  • bnpc.setserver - Permission for the SetServer command!
  • bnpc.setstatus - Permission for the SetStatus command!
  • bnpc.setname - Permission for the SetName command!
  • bnpc.reload - Permission for the Reload command!
  • bnpc.info - Permission for the Info command!
  • bnpc.bypass - Permission to Join in WhiteList mode / Permission to bypass the NPC cooldown!
  • bnpc.tp - Permission for the Teleport command!
  • bnpc.toggleLC - Permission for the ToggleLC command!

Spoiler: Screenshots

Servers using this plugin:
  • play.zonaneutro.com (Spanish network!)
  • softuf.com (English network!)
  • play.aquacraft.eu (English network!)
  • (Russian network!)
  • mc.minerealm.com.br (Brazilian network!)
  • DenCrafting.dk (Danish Network!)
  • Fantasy-MC.tk (Chinese Network!)
  • play.iplexmc.eu (Bulgarian Network!)
  • mc.wellmore.ru (Russian Network!
  • If you server is using this, tell me!

- Try to make it out of dependencies - DONE (Made it in v1.20)
- The way to set a custom skin (.png file) to the NPC - DONE! (Added in v1.11)
- Feature to open an inventory with the NPC. (Almost done!)
- Feature to run commands through the NPC. - DONE! (Added in v1.19!)
- TP Command - DONE!
- List Command - DONE!
- Whitelist option - DONE!
- Custom number of lines and lines - DONE! (Added in v1.18)
- Perfect the skin system (Hopefully in next update!)
- If you have suggestions leave it in the Discussions Section!

Known bugs:
- NPC may disapear when player dies
- NPC may not re-appear when a player moves or fly away
- Hologram may overlap NPC name


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