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Civs - Premium

VIP Plugins Civs - Premium v1.11.6

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Original resource URL: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/civs-premium.84118/

Native Minecraft Version:1.16Tested Minecraft Versions:
  • 1.16
Languages Supported:English, Portuguese, German, Hungarian, Chinese, Spanish, Russian, FrenchDonation Link:https://paypal.me/multitallented

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This is the premium version of Civs


Civs allows players to build towns that require houses, farms, defenses, or whatever you want. Players can build structures that can do just about anything. Civs is highly configurable with many optional features. If you can imagine it, then you can make a building that can do it.



* Unzip Civs.zip in your plugins folder.
* Restart your server
If you need more information on config files, check out the Civs Wiki.

Note on Performance:
This plugin runs very quickly, but has some features that may cause lag on servers exceeding 100 players. If you are noticing lag resulting from Civs, then send me a message, and I'll help create a custom config for you with less features.


Premium Features:
* Nations - When towns or alliances get enough upgrades, they can become nations. Nations get chunk claims to protect vast areas of land
* Spells & Classes - Create RPG classes and spells using fully customizable and modular configs. Unlock spells and classes as you level up, build regions, and more. Hooks into MythicMobs skills to allow you to use skills as part of any Civs spell.
* You can now create farms that spawn MythicMobs

Coming Soon
* Use WorldEdit to paste buildings instead of having to build them
* NPC towns can be spawned and raided
* Replace NPC Villagers with MythicMobs

* Comes with 6 town upgrade levels, 2 war bases, and a mining colony.
* Over 140 structures to build (gradually introduces structures to players by unlocking them as players progress).
* Almost EVERYTHING is configurable.
* Includes a complete GUI menu for all aspects of the plugin. Even includes an item with which to open the menu.
* PAPI support
* Manage player membership per building and town
* Towns can have population limits determined by housing
* Towns use power which can be depleted through killing in war and siege machines!
* Towns can be raided with random destination teleporters
* Buildings can create and consume custom items
* Buildings can evolve into other buildings after a set number of uses
* Buildings can be remade into other buildings
* Towns have different goverment types (democracy, communism, anarchy, libertarian, etc.) with customizable buffs
* Towns can grant potion effects
* Arrow traps can shoot arrows at non-member players or mobs automatically
* Catapults can shoot tnt using a remote controller to hit precise targets
* Buildings can move items by minecart automatically to other buildings
* Warehouses can move items to buildings as needed automatically
* Buildings can spawn animals
* Buildings can be limited to specific biomes
* Towns can limit which buildings you can build based on what buildings you have already built
* and more!

* civs.admin override any ownership command (use creative mode to override Civs protections)
* civs.shop lets you access the Civs shop (given by default to all players)
* civs.join lets a player join a town (given by default to all players)

* /cv (opens the menu)


* Vault
* An economy plugin
* A permissions plugin (optional)
* MMOItems (optional)
* MythicMobs (optional)

* %civs_nation% (Shows the name of your biggest nation, alliance, or biggest town)
* %civs_townname% (Name of your biggest town)
* %civs_karma% (your level of infamy or fame regarding pvp)
* %civs_kills%
* %civs_killstreak%
* %civs_highestkillstreak%
* %civs_deaths%
* %civs_points% (points earned in pvp)
* %civs_highestbounty% (the highest bounty on your head, and the name of the issuer)



First release
Last update
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Latest updates

  1. Pl3xmap compat

    Changelog: * Fixed the Pl3xMap integration * Made it so Anarchy and Disestablishment gov types...
  2. Town Upgrade Intersection

    Changelog: * Made it so town upgrades are only blocked if they would intersect with another...

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