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Cupido (HP Overhead)

Plugins Cupido (HP Overhead) 1.0.7

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Original resource URL: https://polymart.org/resource/cupido-hp-overhead.2889







Cupido let you display the classic Minecraft hearts and custom bars on top of

any entity thanks of a resource pack integration included in the download!

Cupido's rely on TAB as main dependency of which you can find the

link down below in the description!

Plugin Supported: [Items Adder; Oraxen; Mythic Mobs; Model Engine]

Dependencies: [TAB]

Includes: Items Adder Config (drag&drop ready); Oraxen Config (drag&drop ready); 1 custom Model with 6 Animations; 1 character texture.


Will the plugin affect the performance of my server and the players?

No, the plugin it's client-sided, that means that it will have a minimum impact on your server!

And no, as long as you don't spawn 200k entities in the face of the player.

Unicodes are well known to make the client lose some fps but thanks of how Cupido is conceived the fact that this may happen to your playerbase is reduced to the bare minimum!

I am not sure.. is this true?

We can assure you it is, however, if you find yourself much comfortable before buying you can see our reviews or simply ask the community for questions in our Discord!

Or check it out in action in our showcase server!

Server: [play.pickytweaks.com] [1.19.3]


  • Display the minecraft hearts with all their status effects, respecting the Minecraft's priority system;
  • Set up to three bars customizations modes;
  • Set Dynamic/Static mode;
  • Enable/Disable;
  • ID Blacklist;
  • Mob Blacklist;
  • World Blacklist; (wip)
  • Set specific properties for each entity;
  • Set specific textures for each entity;
  • Enable/Disable hearts animation;
  • Set max render distance for mobs and custom mobs;
  • Set custom height for custom mobs;
  • Detects for any displayname holograms on top of entities

New update​

  • Added Hide-Invisibility;
  • Added remove-background for bars too;
  • Added customizations per mobs;
  • Added customizations per mobs and custom mobs;
  • Added horizontal shifting for bars;
  • Bug fixes;
  • Added percentage based system;
  • Changed config for bars;
  • Added creative mode toggle for players;
  • Added Bubbles Texture;
  • Added Frozen Texture;
  • Added Hide holograms behind walls;
  • Added world blacklist;
  • Added region blacklist;
  • Added inverse entity blacklist;
  • Added configuration for Items Adder + Pack
  • Added 1 bonus model with 2 variations and 6 animations
  • Added 1 custom bonus texture
  • Added Oraxen compatibility


Available only through our Discord server!

Other info​

- The plugin supports custom damage events such as projectiles and custom spells!

- When the placeholder for the hearts returns nothing, on players, it automatically remove the empty line;


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