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Plugins CustomFishing

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Original resource URL: https://polymart.org/resource/customfishing.2723


A Paper plugin that provides innovative fishing mechanic and powerful loot system.
Github - Document - Discord


Custom Mini Games:
Plugin allows player to play a mini game before getting a fish, thus adding more fun to fishing and preventing auto fish mods. The plugin defaults to 5 types, with 3 enabled. The other types need to be configured according to the wiki. Moreover, the plugin has a powerful API which allows you create your unique game expansions.


Fishing in lava:
the concept of fishing in lava adds a novel and somewhat whimsical element to the game. It challenges players to rethink their strategies and adapt to a completely different, and more hostile, environment.


Allowing players to customize the shape and block type(Support ItemsAdder & Oraxen) of the totems taps into Minecraft's core appeal of creativity and personalization. Players can design unique totems that optimize their fishing efficiency.


Hook and bait:
To use bait, it needs to be placed in offhand or fishing bag. Every time the rod is cast, it will be thrown together with the hook. To equip hook on rod, make sure that you are in survival mode. Drag the hook onto your rod so it would be applied. To remove the hook from a rod, just right click the rod and the hook would be on your cursor.


Fishing bag:
Fishing bag (with database support) is a special container where players can store their baits/rods/utilities.


Fish Market:
Players can quickly sell the fish in their backpacks through the market by pre setting the price for each type of fish. The GUI fully supports customization. You can also make limitations on earnings so players cannot gain too much from fishing.


You can catch mobs from fishing. It's exciting to experience a BOSS fight during fishing.



Dynamic weight system:
The probability system of the entire plugin is controlled by weights. What are weights? A weight represents the relative chance of obtaining a particular item. For instance, if item A has a weight of 10 and item B has a weight of 30, the probability of getting A is 25%, while the chance of getting B is 75%. This is the most scientific method for calculating probabilities.
CustomFishing provides fishing competition where players compete each other for the first prize. The competition supports Redis so score can be synchronized between servers.
Plugin would record the amount of fish caught and provides placeholders for each of them. You can also use the "category" feature to divide the loots into different groups.
Full data storage support:
Plugin supports YAML/JSON/H2/SQLite/MySQL/MariaDB/MongoDB + Redis for data synchronization.
In-game item editor:
You can import items from other plugins and edit them in game with an anvil GUI.
Powerful API:
Through API you can create your own game/requirement/action types to make your server unique.
Fast support:
Your support request would be handled in less than 24hours in most cases. If your message has been ignored for hours, try pinging the admin because sometimes we forgot to reply.
Open source:
You can compile the plugin if you can't afford it.
You are welcomed to be one of the contributors by opening a pull request.

About Resource Pack:

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    Fixed the bug that config updater prints error if you are using a custom lang file
  2. 2.1.1

    Fixed the bug where participate actions not triggered Added "participate-requirements" option to...
  3. 2.0.7

    Added a new action type: timer Added a new API event to get ItemStack from fishing results
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