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⚡ CustomItemGUI Pro ✅ Stats, Abilities, Useful GUI {1.14~1.19.x} ⭕

Plugins ⚡ CustomItemGUI Pro ✅ Stats, Abilities, Useful GUI {1.14~1.19.x} ⭕ 1.2.7

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Tested Minecraft Versions:
  • 1.14
  • 1.15
  • 1.16
  • 1.17
  • 1.18
  • 1.19
Contributors:RaphaelSimon(Translator)Languages Supported:English, Chinese, SpanishDonation Link:https://www.paypal.me/Wayne87060271

A great RPG item editor, this plug-in can set more than 40 option, you can use this plugin to set up amazing weapons or armors for your server, and has funny GUI can socket your gem to custom item.
Documentation | My Plugin | Donate Me | Discord


: 1.14 / 1.15 / 1.16 / 1.17 / 1.18 / 1.19


Item Editor GUI

You can edit any item using /cig edit GUI. This menu makes editing much easy, you can edit anything about your item. Every step of editing is detailed and easy, and you also can see your custom item when you in edit GUI, that can easy to view at any time
Spoiler: Item Editor GUI

Item Attributes Stats

You can set more Attributes Stats in your custom Item, and Attributes Stats has display in your custom Item.


Item Sets & Bonus

You can set sets bonus in your custom Item, and Item sets you also can custom what do you want. This is an extremely powerful feature, it can give player grant extra stats to the player when player wears multiple items from the same item set like RPG game. Item Set can give player extra stats like Damage , CirtDamage , Penetration.


Display and Item Glow

Rare items can set glowing when dropped,and glow color depends on the item tier.
And you also can set hint item name when dropped.

Spoiler: Item Glow and Display

Item NBT-Tag

You Can use This plugin to set NBT-Tag, /cig edit GUI can more convenient to set.

Spoiler: NBT Set

Item custom textures

you can set custom item's data to easily add custom textures


Item Flags

If you don't want to view vanilla Abbribute , you can use Falgs to Hide that, you also to hide other flags like Unbreakable, Enchants , Distroys and Potion Effect.

Spoiler: Item Flags

Item Socket GUI

You can add gem stone to your custom item if that item contain Empty socket, and you can use Socket GUI to socket gem stone in the item,
but you need to know, the gem stone may fail with socket item just like real RPG Game.

Spoiler: Socket GUI

Gem Stone

Gems stone are a great way for players to improve the items they obtain.
Player can use Various type gem to add Attribute in than Item, like extra damage , Penetration, CritDamage, PvPDamage, Health , Defense...but Items need empty gem sockets to receive gem stones, in the future we will add Gem Stone Type ,Like just Can only socket in weapon ,armor or Universal.

Item Tier

The tier is Identify item rarity, and according to different rarity item has display different glow and tier name, in the future we will let items with different rarity have different bonuses, like Legendary have damage add double the attack

Item custom Durability(wiki)

Custom durability is a really powerful system that allows you to create items with a set amount of uses. All items can have a Max Durability stat, which defines how many times the item can be used before either breaking or becoming unusable.

There are 3 custom Durability styles, namely bar, basic, ratio.

Consumables are custom Item, players that can eat to Add their health, saturation level, Player Level and Experience, in future, I will add more effect in consume Effect.
Spoiler: Consumables


Hex Color

You can add hex color in your Item Lore, DisplayerName, stats and text.

Item Repair

When the durability of an item is zero, you can repair it with materials.
Repair GUI Need use CustomItemGUI recource_pack

Spoiler: Repair GUI

Regen Indicators
These indicators display damage dealt by players to monsters ,They can be fully edited in the main config file.

Item Type

Now we have four Item Types to choose from, which are weapons, armors, materials, and consumables.
This functions Currently only added to the item description, no other functions

Item Enchantment

now you can add any you want add vanilla Enchantment of the item, and you also can set custom level

Future update
  • custom funny crafing, not vanilla crafting.
  • custom item can upgrade, player can use diffinent material to upgrade their custom item.
  • More Attribute stats.
  • item effect particle.
  • item skill



/cig help - To view CustomItemGUI command
/cig load <Item> - Get this custom item

/cig create <Item> - Create a new custom item
/cig delete <Item> - Delete this custom item
/cig save <Item> - Save this custom item
/cig edit GUI - Open Edit GUI

/cig set <Item> type <Materialtype> - Set custom item's Material Type
/cig set <Item> Itemtype <ItemType> - Set custom item's Item Type
/cig set <Item> data <value> - Set custom item's data, this can collocation texture to set your item model (damage)
/cig set <Item> modeldata <value> - Set custom item's data, this can collocation texture to set your item model (CustomModelData)
/cig set <Item> name <Name> - Set custom item's displayname
/cig set <Item> unbreakable <true||false> - Set custom item's Unbreakable, Type 'true' or 'false'
/cig set <Item> setlore <line> <lore> - Set custom item's lore
/cig set <Item> stats <Stats> <value> - Set custom item's stats like custom Damage value
/cig set <Item> Enchantment <Stats> <value> - Add vanilla Enchantment to custom item like DAMAGE_ALL value
/cig remove <Item> Lore <value> - Remove custom item's specified lore

/cig remove <Item> stats <Stats> - Remove custom item's stats like custom PvEDamage
/cig remove <Item> Enchantment <Stats> - Remove vanilla Enchantment to custom item like DAMAGE_ALL


/cig flags <Item> add <flags> - Add custom item's Flags like HIDE_ATTRIBUTES
/cig flags <Item> remove <flags> - Remove custom item's Flags like HIDE_ATTRIBUTES


/cig NBT <Item> add <Attribute> <value> - Add custom item's NBT like ATTACK_DAMAGE
/cig NBT <Item> add <Attribute> <value> <EquipmentSlot> - Add custom item's NBT to Specify EquqipSlot like HAND
/cig NBT <Item> remove <Attribute> - Remove custom item's NBT like ATTACK_DAMAGE
/cig NBT <Item> remove <Attribute> <EquipmentSlot> - Remove custom item's NBT to Specify EquqipSlot like HAND


/cig socket GUI - Open socket gem GUI
/cig socket add <Item> - Add Socket to custom item
/cig socket remove <Item> <value> - Remove custom Item's Socket


/cig Repair GUI - Open Repair GUI

Bouns &Suit

/cig suit <Item> add <Suit> - Add Suit to custom item
/cig suit <Item> remove <Suit> - Remove custom Item's Suit


/cig gem get <Gem> - get custom gem


/cig set <Item> ConsumTime <Value> - to set Consumable need Time
/cig set <Item> ConsumEffect <Effect> <Value> - to set Consumable effect when player use Consumable
/cig remove <Item> ConsumTime - to remove Consumable need Time
/cig remove <Item> ConsumEffect - to remove Consumable effect

CIG.reload - Can use reload command.
CIG.Admin - Can Create custom item.
CIG.help - Can use help command.


Fully translatable & customizable

You can translate any message, and we built-in 3 languages,
Item can customizable any you want cig contains attribute.
Tab command support

This feature saves you from having to remember difficult command

Easy to use & fully

You have very useful GUI, so edit any data or value is very easy, and plugin has a cool socket GUI, Let your server loke real RPG game

Item Overview

  • Item Customization
    • DisPlayName
    • Unbreakable item
    • Item Lore
    • 1.9+ durability data Texture 3D Model
  • Attack Damage & Speed
  • PvP & PvE Damage
  • Crit Damage & Chace
  • Armor Defense
  • PvP & PvE Defense
  • AoE Radius & Damage
  • BlockAmount & Rate
  • Vanilla Attributes
    • Armor & Armor Toughness
    • Attack Damage
    • Knockback Resistance
    • Movement Speed
    • Maximum Health
    • Luck
  • Gem Stone Options
    • Item Type Restrictions
    • Success Rate
  • And more......
Terms of service

By purchasing this plugin, you agree to the following
  • You are not allowed to redistribute, resell, or give this plugin to anyone else
  • You can only use it on one network/server at a time
  • You are not allowed to modify or decompile the plugin
  • We don't give support to servers involved with piracy in any way shape or form
  • You are only allowed to download this plugin from an official source (Spigot)
  • There will be no refunds
Finally, thank you for your purchase and support
If you have any problem , you can add me Discord: 魚尾#6646


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