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Plugins DeathMessages 1.16

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Original resource URL: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/deathmessages.11990/

Tested Minecraft Versions:
  • 1.8
  • 1.9
  • 1.10
  • 1.11
  • 1.12
  • 1.13
  • 1.14
  • 1.15

DeathMessages allows customization of death message broadcasts that occur when players die. Messages can be configured and support color codes, item hovering, viewing killer and dead player inventory at time of death, displaying various killer/dead player stats (health, kills, etc), and more.


DeathMessages comes packed with various features to set your server apart from others
  • Highly configurable and flexible message system
  • PlaceholderAPI support
  • Configurable messages for specific monster deaths
  • Disable any unwanted death event broadcasts
    • Setting messages to blank lines disables broadcasts
  • Control who sees death messages
  • Allow players to toggle death messages
  • Inventory Snapshots - View player inventories at time of death
    • DeathMessages saves a players inventory when they die or kill somebody to allow viewing the players items at a later date
    • View player health, food, exp level, and any active potions at the time of death
  • Configure death messages for specific events
    • Ability to have a random message chosen per event
  • Hoverable weapon placeholders
  • Various placeholders for killer and dead health, kills, etc.


Placeholders allow you to replace texts in your broadcasts with variables present at the time a player dies
  • [weapon] - Displays the weapons name or display name (if applicable)
  • as well as a hoverable icon display
  • [killer_kills] - Displays killers kills
  • [killer_deaths] - Displays killers deaths
  • [killer_name] - Displays killers real name
  • [killer_displayname] - Displays killers display name
  • [killer_health] - Displays killers health
  • [dead_kills] - Displays dead players kills
  • [dead_deaths] - Displays dead players deaths
  • [dead_name] - Displays dead players real name
  • [dead_displayname] - Displays dead players display name
  • [dead_health] - Displays dead players health

Along with these placeholders, the plugin also supports usage of PlaceholderAPI placeholders if available.


Permissions allow you to control how players interact with the plugin
  • deathmessages.command.inventory: Allow players to view inventory snapshots
  • deathmessages.command.reload: Allow players to use the /deathmessages reload subcommand
  • deathmessages.command.toggle: Allow players to use the deathmessages toggle subcommand
    • NOTE: Players also require the deathmessages.notify permission to use this subcommand
  • deathmessages.notify: Allow players to see death messages


Fully customize your server to your exact liking
Code (YAML):

# DeathMessages #
# SainttX #

name: "&eHealth: &f[health]/[maxhealth]"
name: "&eFood: &f[food]"
name: "&eEXP Levels: &f[level]"
name: "&eActive Potions:"
lore-format: "&7[potion] [level] ([time])"

# Various configurable settings related to the plugin
# If we should ignore self deaths
showSelfDeaths: false
# Whether or not to allow players to click the names of the
# dead/killer player in death messages to view their inventory
# at the time of death
useCachedInventories: true
# The amount of time until cached inventories are removed
# from memory and will no longer be clickable in messages
# This time is in seconds
removeCachedInventoryAfter: 30
# The radius that players will be able to see death messages. Set
# this to -1 to have an infinite radius.
broadcastRadius: -1
# Whether or not the plugin should parse player names
# and broadcast them to players displaying their faction
# relation color. This feature will only work if FactionUUID
# or if HCFactions are enabled on the server. It will throw
# errors with any other versions of Factions.
useFactionRelationColors: false
# The title of the death inventory GUI
guiTitle: "&c[player]'s Inventory"
# Disables default minecraft vanilla death messages
disableVanillaMessages: true
# Disables death messages when the player that died had an empty inventory
ignoreWhenDeadInventoryEmpty: false
# A list of worlds to disable the plugin from broadcasting
# messages in
- "test_world1"
- "test_world2"

# Configuration section for delays before a player can open
# a death inventory.
# Values in this section must be <rank>: <time in seconds>
# Example:
# view-timer:
# donator: 60
# A player with the permission deathmessages.timer.donator will have to wait
# 60 seconds before viewing a death inventory.
view-timer: {}

# All configurable messages
# Various placeholders where applicable:
# [dead] - Replaced by messages.format.dead
# [killer] - Replaced by messages.format.killer
# [weapon] - Displays the weapons name or display name (if applicable)
# as well as a hoverable icon display
# [killer_kills] - Displays killers kills
# [killer_deaths] - Displays killers deaths
# [killer_name] - Displays killers real name
# [killer_displayname] - Displays killers display name
# [killer_health] - Displays killers health
# [dead_kills] - Displays dead players kills
# [dead_deaths] - Displays dead players deaths
# [dead_name] - Displays dead players real name
# [dead_displayname] - Displays dead players display name
# [dead_health] - Displays dead players health
# Any messages related to a player dying
# NOTE: All messages.deathCause messages can be disabled by settings them to empty
- "[dead] was pricked to death"
- "[dead] hugged a cactus"
- "[dead] drowned"
- "[dead] went for a swim"
- "[dead] drowned while trying to escape [killer]"
enderpearl: "[dead] was killed while enderpearling"
enderpearlFighting: "[dead] was killed while enderpearling away from [killer]"
- "[dead] blew up"
- "[dead] exploded"
fall: "[dead] hit the ground too hard"
- "[dead] was doomed to fall by [killer]"
- "[killer] pushed [dead] off a cliff"
- "[dead] was squashed by a falling block"
- "[dead] had their head squished by a falling block"
- "[dead] was slain by [killer]"
- "[killer] defeated [dead]"
- "[dead] was shot by [killer]"
- "[dead] was sniped by [killer]"
fightingArrowWeapon: "[dead] was shot by [killer] using [weapon]"
fightingWeapon: "[dead] was slain by [killer] using [weapon]"
fire: "[dead] went up in flames"
fireFighting: "[dead] went up in flames while fighting [killer]"
lava: "[dead] tried to swim in lava"
lavaPushed: "[dead] tried to swim in lava while trying to escape [killer]"
lightning: "[dead] was struck by lightning"
magic: "[dead] was killed by magic"
- "[dead] was killed by a Blaze"
- "[dead] was burned by Blaze"
cavespider: "[dead] was killed by a Cave Spider"
drowned: "[dead] was killed by a Drowned"
enderman: "[dead] was killed by an Enderman"
endermite: "[dead] was killed by an Endermite"
giant: "[dead] was killed by a Giant"
husk: "[dead] was killed by a Husk"
magmacube: "[dead] was killed by a Magma Cube"
phantom: "[dead] was killed by a Phantom"
pigzombie: "[dead] was killed by a Pig Zombie"
pillager: "[dead] was killed by a Pillager"
silverfish: "[dead] was killed by a Silverfish"
skeleton: "[dead] was killed by a Skeleton"
slime: "[dead] was killed by a Slime"
spider: "[dead] was killed by a Spider"
stray: "[dead] was killed by a Stray"
vex: "[dead] was killed by a Vex"
vindicator: "[dead] was killed by a Vindicator"
witch: "[dead] was killed by a Witch"
witherskeleton: "[dead] was killed by a Wither Skeleton"
zombie: "[dead] was killed by a Zombie"
zombievillager: "[dead] was killed by a Zombie Villager"
poison: "[dead] was killed by poison"
starvation: "[dead] starved to death"
suffocation: "[dead] suffocated in a wall"
suicide: "[dead] committed suicide"
void: "[dead] fell out of the world"
voidPushed: "[dead] fell out of the world while fighting [killer]"
wither: "[dead] withered away"
# Placeholder formats for [killer] and [dead]
- "[killer_name] ([killer_kills])"
# - "%player_name% (%statistic_player_kills%)" # PlaceholderAPI example
- "[dead_displayname] ([dead_kills])"
# - "%player_name% (%statistic_player_kills%)" # PlaceholderAPI example
# Various error messages
expired: "&cViewing this players inventory has expired"
permission: "&cInsufficient permissions"
# Miscellaneous messages
clickInfo: "&aClick to view players inventory snapshot"
reload: "&aSuccessfully reloaded config.yml"
toggleOn: "&aYou will now see death messages"
toggleOff: "&cYou will no longer see death messages"



An example of a fully configured Death Message and the Item Hover feature


Hoverable player names to indicate that they can view the players inventory snapshot


Displaying Faction relation colors in message broadcasts



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