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  • Allows XenForo user groups to sync with Discord server roles. Essentially, this allows you to automate the distribution and removal of Discord server roles based on the groups that the XenForo user belongs to. Users can link their Discord IDs to XenForo usernames to set up a sync.
  • Nicknames can also be updated to match the forum nickname.
  • New in XenForo 2.x: Allow the bot to appear as online and display a custom status message.
  • Manage your Discord instance from ACP.
  • Allow users to register via Discord.
  • Send alerts to connected users and channels through your dashboard.
  • Automatically post thread links from the XenForo forum to specific Discord text channels as soon as they are posted. The user who posted the topic, the topic title, a short snippet, and a link to the topic are included in the message.


  • Install the add-on via the XenForo control panel as usual.
  • Create a new Discord app by going here.
  • Set a name for your bot and continue. Optionally, you can set a description and icon for your bot.
  • Go to the OAuth2 section and click "Add Redirect". Make sure you have the redirect url in the form of your forum url followed by connected_account.php . For example: https://mysite.com/connected_account.php
  • Go to the "Bot" section, click "Add Bot" and accept the warning. Make sure 'Public Bot' and 'Require OAuth2 Code Grant' are unchecked.
  • Copy the Client ID and Client Secret values for the application from the "General Information" section and paste them into /admin.php?connected-accounts/addDiscord located in the XenForo admin panel.
  • Do the same for the bot token located in the "Bot" section and paste it into the appropriate field.
  • You will also need your Discord Server / Guild ID, which can be obtained by following the steps listed here. After that, save the connected provider.
  • Navigate to "Verify Discord Integration" located in the XenForo Control Panel. It will initially be red and will not work. Invite the bot to your server from this page and also click "Open WebSocket" to allow the bot to send messages.
  • Restart the test and everything should be fine.


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