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EcoEnchants ⭕ 250+ Enchantments ✅ Create Custom Enchants ✨ Essentials/CMI Support

Plugins EcoEnchants ⭕ 250+ Enchantments ✅ Create Custom Enchants ✨ Essentials/CMI Support 12.5.1

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Original resource URL: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/50-sale-%E2%8F%B3-ecoenchants-%E2%AD%95-250-enchantments-%E2%9C%85-create-custom-enchants-%E2%9C%A8-essentials-cmi-support.79573/

Tested Minecraft Versions:
  • 1.17
  • 1.18
  • 1.19
Source Code:https://git.io/EcoEnchantsContributors:NickAc, Olivoz, Nefarious01, Jpuf, tooler, kireevm, chyzman, Sceri, OfTeN, YinYue, samerbamerborool, bananasmoothii, Akiranya, JreenCorp, ryzech, ChromaPIE, LeAnhTuan0810, Maxmilite, blcdragon, WindLeaf, cfcradle, Redempt, NicoNeko, FableVania, Glalieon, Kaspian, JinOuYongGu, Kapitowa, Sedri, theAstra, LoJoSho, RebelMythik, Evidentsinger14Languages Supported:All of them! (lang.yml)Donation Link:https://patreon.com/auxilor
EcoEnchants requires eco to be installed







Support is given exclusively on my discord. Do not make feature requests or bug reports in the review section.

See this plugin running on my server!
play.ecomc.net (Latest Version)

Image Transcription:
200+ Seamless Custom Enchants

Enchantments without the clutter.
EcoEnchants is built to be completely customizable.
Create your own enchantments right in config,
without needing to code. Change everything.

Support for Anvils, Enchanting Tables, Villagers,
natural generation in structures, and even
/enchant and /give through Essentials or CMI.

Ant not only that. EcoEnchants has built-in support
for all plugins you already have. WorldGuard, AAC,
NCP, Vulcan, FactionsUUID, Towny, and many more.

With well over a hundred effects, conditions, triggers, filters, and mutators,
you’re able to create literally anything you want. Bring every aspect of your
server together with the integrations provided for all your existing plugins,
ranging from shops, jobs, skills, and so much more. And even if a hook for your
favourite plugin isn’t there, you can create an infinite amount of your own
custom conditions with PlaceholderAPI placeholders.

But placeholders aren’t only useful for conditions - they work with mathematical
expressions in a completely intuitive way - wherever there’s a numeric value in your
configs, you can use maths to make your effects react to the player’s state. Want to
make attack damage depend on the square of the distance below sea level? What
about the cosine of their rotation, or their quest experience? You can do that now.

Not only that - you can abstract more complex logic into effect chains and pass
arguments into them. It’s like having your own scripting language, written by you, for
your server’s exact requirements. And best of all - there’s zero coding knowledge
required. It’s all done right in your .yml files, with no additional learning curve. Simply
think of what you want to make, and you can do it straight away, without worrying about
spending ages learning the exact syntax required to get things to work. Nothing else
even comes close.

And all of this is intuitive to players, too. Whenver a condition isn’t met, you can set it
up to show extra information just to the players that don’t meet it. Since all the items
are displayed with packets rather than being modified server-side (like in other plugins),
extra information can be shown only to the players that need to see it.

All my plugins come with the same set of perks that you don’t
get anywhere else. They’re all designed with integrations in mind,
support for any claims / protection plugin and anticheat that you could
ever have, and direct support for over 30 different plugins, no matter what they do.
Have any custom items plugins? They’ll integrate seamlessly, so you can create
crafting recipes with them, or have them given as drops, rewards, or anything else.

Complete support for any and every RGB/Gradient format in use, including
CMI, MiniMessage, and more. Your configs will automatically update, too, and you
can also get access to automatic updates, right from console, zero work required.

And you’re backed up by a helpful support team that can help you with anything.



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Latest updates

  1. 12.5.1 Changelog

    - Fixed console spam
  2. 12.5.0 Changelog

    - Added in_slot condition, see here for more info...
  3. 12.4.1

    - Temporarily disabled holder refresh cooldown due to bugs

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