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EconomyShopGUI - SellStick | SellWand

Plugins EconomyShopGUI - SellStick | SellWand 1.4

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Upgrade your Minecraft server's economy with the SellStick Plugin! This powerful tool allows players to easily sell the contents of chests and shulker boxes with a single click, streamlining the trading process. With this plugin, your players can sell faster, making gameplay more efficient and enjoyable.


  • Simple to Use: Just right-click on any container to instantly sell its contents.
  • Customizable: The material of the Sell Stick and other settings are fully configurable.
  • Cooldown Mechanism: Configurable command cooldown to prevent abuse.
  • Sell Limits: Set up limits for how much of an item can be sold within a specified time.
  • Transaction Logging: Logs every transaction, useful for tracking and auditing.
  • Admin Commands: Reload the plugin's configuration without restarting the server.
  • Enchanting Visuals: The Sell Stick comes with an enchanting glow, making it easily recognizable.
What makes it different then other sell stick plugins?

  • Intelligent anti dupe mechanics.
  • Compatable with all grief protection plugins.
  • Proper handling when a sellstick is in a stack.
  • The only sellstick plugin that uses and respects the options from EconomyShopGUI Premium
    sell-limit-player & auto-restock-player-sell
    Screenshot 2023-09-08 115157.png
  • Perfect perfomance!
  • Beautiful configurable messages on actions, that properly display important information.
    Screenshot 2023-09-08 114550.png
  • Powerfull async logger for all transactions players make.
  • Immediete support for suggestions or bugs.
Display name & lore fully customazible, the usage will increase with every successful sell until the sellstick dissappears, also configurable in the config.yml
Screenshot 2023-09-27 110541.png


  • /sellstick: Grants the player a Sell Stick.
  • /sellstick reload: Reloads the plugin's configuration (Admin only).

  • sellstick.admin: Allows reloading of the plugin configuration.
Use the SellStick Plugin to make your Minecraft server's economy vibrant and hassle-free.


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