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EnchantmentForge | enchantments & spells | 65+ enchantments (1.14 - 1.20)

VIP Plugins EnchantmentForge | enchantments & spells | 65+ enchantments (1.14 - 1.20) 4.4.13

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Original resource URL: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/enchantmentforge-enchantments-spells-65-enchantments-1-14-1-20.85984/

Tested Minecraft Versions:
  • 1.14
  • 1.15
  • 1.16
  • 1.17
  • 1.18
  • 1.19
  • 1.20
Languages Supported:Everything can be changed in language fileDonation Link:https://www.paypal.me/RellPl

Enchantment Forge improves enchantments and spells and offers a unique enchanting system. Also adding many other items, such as enchantment slots, essence, enchantment dust, and more.
Enchantments and spells are similar, although, enchantments can be used forever, spells have a certain amount of usage, however, spells can be enabled and disabled at any given moment.
By default, there are a bunch of pre-made enchantments (60+) and a few spells (more spells in development), though all enchantments and spells are optional and completely and fully customizable. Enchantments and spells can be created and modified using an easy GUI-based generation system, without any file configuration.
Enchantment forging, merging, extraction, and item mending can be done using stations. There are 4 stations - forger, merger, extractor, and mender. A station is a custom, interactable, hologram table used to enchant or repair items and create or extract enchantments. Stations can be removed by right-clicking and sneaking for a few seconds.
When making a review, write it about features this plugin has, not those that are missing, and be helpful and supportive.

Plugin Preview

Enchantment forger

Enchanted items

Enchantment orbs

Enchantment preview


Essence, regular, and godly enchantment slots

If you have any error or bug reports, or just need help with this plugin, or have a suggestion feel free to join my discord server, or if you don't use discord you can write me in discussions, although, response time may be longer.
- If you just bought Enchantment Forge and didn't receive access to download it, then join my discord server to get verified.

To use this plugin you must have Minecraft server version 1.14 or above and at least Java 16.
- If you want to use economy then your server must use Vault.

a) download the EnchantmentForge plugin
b) put the jar file into your plugin folder
c) start or restart your server
d) do /ef storage enchantments load #all - to load all default enchantments into your server (optional)
e) do /ef storage spells load #all - to load all default spells into your server (optional)
f) do /ef update #all- to update all enchantments (however, a full server restart is better)

After installation to start enchanting use /ef give station FORGER and MERGER to give the custom enchantment forger and merger. By default, stations can only be placed by server operators in creative mode (can be changed in the configuration file).

Premade enchantments and spells

More detailed information about each enchantment and spell can be found in-game by using /enchantments and /spells
Spoiler: Premade enchantments
Spoiler: Premade Spells
Supported Plugins
- for economy
ItemsAdder - for custom items
MMOItems - for custom item types
Oraxen - for custom items

Commands for server operators:

Command: /enchantmentforge
~ /ef

~ /ef create [type^] [arguments*?] [key*?]
- to create equations, actions, filters...
~ /ef modify [type^] [key^] - to modify equations, actions, filters, executors...
~ /ef view - to view all types

~ /ef give enchantment [key^] [chance*?] [amount*?] [player^?] [level*?] - to get an enchantment orbs
~ /ef give spell [key^] [usage*] [amount*?] [player^?] - to get a spell scroll
~ /ef give essence [amount*?] [player^?] - to get a bottle of essence
~ /ef give dust [dust key^] [percent*?] [amount*?] [player^?] - to get a specific enchantment dust
~ /ef give [slot-regular/slot-godly] [slots*] [amount*?] [player^?] - to get a regular or godly enchantment slots
~ /ef give station [type^] [amount*?] [player^?] - to give station placers
~ /ef give random enchantment [tier^] [chance*] [rolls*] [amount*] [player^?] - to give random enchantment orbs (chance options - [default: -, single: 25, range: 50-75])

~ /ef apply enchantment [key^] [level*] [modifiers*?]
- to apply an enchantment to the held item (modifiers: -i = ignore item restriction, -l = ignore level restriction, -il = for both)
~ /ef apply spell [key^] [add/remove/switch] [usage*] -
to apply a spell to the held item
~ /ef apply essence [amount*] - to apply essence to the held item (x > 0 - will add, x = 0 - will clear, x < 0 - will subtract)
~ /ef apply slot-regular [amount*] -
to apply regular enchantment slots to the held item (x > 0 - will add, x = 0 - will clear, x < 0 - will subtract)
/ef apply slot-godly [amount*] -
to apply godly enchantment slots to the held item (x > 0 - will add, x = 0 - will clear, x < 0 - will subtract)

~ /ef storage [enchantment/spell] save [key^]
- to save an enchantment or spell to a file
~ /ef storage [enchantment/spell] load [key^] - to load an enchantment or spell from a file

~ /ef object place station [type^] [validate^?] - to place a station at your position (validate is true by default, using false will ignore nearby stations or block obstructions)
~ /ef object break station [radius*?] - to remove all loaded stations in a certain radius (radius is 1 by default)

~ /ef update #all
- to reload everything
~ /ef update configuration - to reload the configuration file
~ /ef update language - to reload the language file
~ /ef update stations - to reload stations
~ /ef update enchantments - to update all enchantments and enchantment file
~ /ef update spells - to update all spells and spell file
~ /ef update inventory - updates all items in inventory

Commands for players:

Command: /essencesplit
~ /splitessence
~ splits essence from the held item

Command: /enchantments
~ /enchants
~ /enchantinfo
~ /enchantmentinfo
~ opens a view of all enchantments

Command: /spells
~ /spellinfo
~ opens a view of all spells

Command: /demolish
~ /demolishenchantment
~ /enchantmentdemolish
~ /enchantdemolish
~ converts enchantment orbs into essence

Command: /spell
~ /spellitem
~ /itemspell
~ /usespell
~ to apply, swtich and extract spells

Command: /cooldowns
~ /enchantmentcooldowns
~ /spellcooldowns
~ to view all enchantment and spell cooldowns

Command: /renameitem

~ renames an item


~ to use command /enchantmentforge
enchantmentforge.stations.[station key].place
~ to place a specific station
~ to use command /essencesplit
~ to use command /enchantments
~ to use command /enchantments
~ to use command /renameitem
~ to use command /spell


If you want to create, modify or delete an enchantment, then you can use these commands:

/ef create
Spoiler: Creating an enchantment
/ef modify
Spoiler: Modifying an enchantment
/ef view
Spoiler: Deleting an enchantment


Equations are the basic building blocks for actions and are also used for particles, renderers, and executors. An equation is a mathematical formula that can have variables and other functions.
Spoiler: Equation information

Texts are just regular text constants that can also contain variables. You can use any of the variables supported by equation and also different ones, but not functions.
Spoiler: Other text variables

Actions are manipulation operations. An action can change the behavior of players, blocks, entities, and more. Action creation is easy and understandable when creating in-game.

Filters are an optional extension for executors and enforcers.
When an enchantment or spell is triggered, it sends data to the executor/enforcer and through filters. Filters check the data and if everything matches then the enchantment or spell is continued, otherwise, it gets ignored and is cancelled.

Particles are used to create renderers and also to create some executors.

Renderers are used to spawn particles into the world, they can have various shapes and patterns, or just be randomized.

Triggers are the way enchantments and spells are called and executed.
Spoiler: All trigger types

Executors are the containers of actions, filters, and renderers that are executed when an enchantment is triggered.
Performers are a subclass of executors and specify how executors are executed and their data requirements.
Spoiler: All executor types and performers

Enchantments are the final data holders for each custom enchantment.
Spoiler: All enchantment types


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