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Esrons Totem Animation Pack (+Custom Plugin)

VIP MC Models Esrons Totem Animation Pack (+Custom Plugin) LATEST

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Original resource URL: https://mcmodels.net/model/esrons-totem-animation-pack/

What texts/animations are included?

Achievement, New Achievement. Advancement, New Advancement, Defeat, Dungeon Completed,

Hide, Level up, New Objective, Objective Complete, Objective Failed, Quest Accepted

Quest Completed, Quest Failed, RUN!, Task Completed, Task Accepted, Task Failed, Victory,

WASTED (GTA Style), You Died, You Failed, You Lose, You Lost, You Win

YouTube video

Version 2 extras – updated 6th July 2021​

Boss Fight (Custom Boss icon), Boss Fight (No Icon), Boss Defeated (Custom Boss Icon),

Boss Defeated (No Icon), Tie, Draw, Fight, Survive, Search in area, Here, This Direction.

YouTube video

To be added:

If you have more suggestions I should add and make icons for, please tell me on the MC Models Discord (Esron).

Tested on:​

  • Client: 1.17
  • Server: Minecraft 1.17 Paper #53
  • BetonQuest 2.0 dev-119
    • Does not work on BetonQuest 1, you need 2.0

How to install & Use​

You can always just install the resource pack and use the totem models as you wish, but here is how to do it with my custom plugin or BetonQuest:


  1. Drop the “Totems” folder into your BetonQuest folder (YourServer/plugins/BetonQuest/)
  2. Restart server.
  3. Equip the resource pack.
  4. Fire the events: /bq event NAME totems.totem1
  5. You have totem1, totem2, totem3 and so on.
PlayTotem plugin – Written by Larkyy (comes with this download)

  1. Drop the PlayTotem-1.16.jar or PlayTotem-1.17.jar in your plugins.
  2. Restart your server
  3. Equip the resource pack.
  4. Run totems with the command /playtotem <player> <modelData>
    1. Permission node playtotem.use


  • You can turn off the resource pack and just use the BetonQuest command, this should show you a default totem.
    • If it doesn’t show you a default totem it could be for 1 of 3 reasons:
      • You are on the wrong BetonQuest version, do /bq version (it should now say BetonQuest 2.0.0)
      • You are using an edited client and should try it on a default client.
      • You did not install the package correctly and should come on the MC Models Discord and open a ticket for help.
  • Test if your resource pack works, type /minecraft:give @p minecraft:totem_of_undying{CustomModelData:1}
    • This should give you one of the custom looking totems. If it does not, the resource pack is not loaded or you have multiple resource packs loaded.
    • If this command does not work, you have a plugin which blocks it and you need to use whatever plugin you use to summon a Totem with CustomModelData:1


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