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ExcellentShop - 3 in 1 Multi-Currency Shop

VIP Plugins ExcellentShop - 3 in 1 Multi-Currency Shop 4.10.0

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Original resource URL: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/excellentshop-4-in-1-multi-currency-shop.50696/

Native Minecraft Version:1.20Tested Minecraft Versions:
  • 1.18
  • 1.19
  • 1.20
Source Code:https://github.com/nulli0n/ExcellentShop-spigotContributors:https://github.com/nulli0n/ExcellentShop-spigot/graphs/contributorsLanguages Supported:All Translatable + 中文, Français, EspañolDonation Link:https://ko-fi.com/nightexpress



ExcellentShop is advanced 4 in 1 shop plugin! It includes Virtual (GUI) Shop (with Static and Rotating shops), Chest Shop and Auction!

No more bother to find and install multiple shop plugins. ExcellentShop will give you simple yet powerful all-in-one modern & elegant solution at the best price!

ExcellentShop is modularized, all features are optional and configurable! And you can customize everything you want!

Scroll down for some nice in-game screenshots!

Credits (thank you ):
@ArachniaTK for awesome premade Virtual Shops!


Spigot 1.18.2 or newer
Java 17 or newer
ProtocolLib (ChestShop holograms)





Main Features
  • Multi-Currency with external plugins and physical item currency support!
  • 3 Price Types (Mechanics) for Virtual and Chest shops! Including: Plain (permanent price), Float (randomized in a range) and Dynamic (adjusts on each transaction)!
  • Modularity. Disable any shop module you don't like or any plugin feature you don't need!
  • GUI Driven. Almost everything in the plugin is done via simple and customizable GUIs. No tons of commands!
  • Simple and intuitive Product Cart for Virtual and Chest shops. Smart GUI behavior will prevent you from adding to the cart more items, than you (or the shop) can carry/afford.
  • Customizable Click Actions for Virtual and Chest shops. Set which mouse click (including shift combos) or a keyboard button (F/Q only) which action will perform: Open a Cart, Quick Sale/Purchase, Sell All.
  • Bedrock Friendly! Bedrock players can use the most* of the plugin features! * Except admin & editor GUIs
  • Custom Item Support. Including hooks for Oraxen and ItemsAdder!
  • Transactions Logs, toggleable for each shop module. Log all the shop transactions in a separate file!
  • PlaceholderAPI integration.

Virtual Shop (Static & Rotating shops)
  • GUI Editor. Super fast & easy tool to create and manage your virtual shops! No more config mess, simply drag & drop your items!
  • Shops GUI. Central GUI with all virtual shops (categories)! (Fully optional)
  • Sell GUI. Quickly sell your stuff with a simple & customizable GUI! (Command aliases are configurable)
  • Sell All. Quickly sell all stuff in your inventory with a single command! (Command aliases are configurable)
  • Sell Hand. Quicky sell items in your hand! (Command aliases are configurable)
  • Sell Multipliers. Create persistent sell multipliers based on player ranks or permissions!
  • Shop Permissions. Set permission requirements for your shop(s).
  • Item Products. Sell regular game items in your shops!
  • NBT Item Products. Sell any kind of custom items in your shops!
  • Command Products. Sell unlimited amount of commands attached to a single product in your shops!
  • Product Allowed Ranks. Limit certain products to be buyable/sellable for certain ranks only!
  • Prevent shop usage in certain GameModes, such as Creative.
  • Prevent shop usage in certain Worlds.
  • Shop Discounts. Create individual automatic shop discounts! And even disable discount effect for certain products! (Static shops only)
  • Rotation Type. Choose between specified Interval and Fixed days & times to rotate products in your shop! (Rotating shops only)
  • Rotation Chance. Set individual product chance to be selected in next shop rotation! (Rotating shops only)
  • Rotation Products Amount. Set how many products (from min. and max.) will be used in shop rotations! (Rotating shops only)
  • Disable Selling/Buying for all products per a shop.
  • Attach Citizens NPCs to a shop. Then simply click that NPC to open a shop!
  • Individual Currency for each shop product.
  • Individual Price Type for each shop product.
  • Individual Stock for each shop product.

Chest Shop
  • GUI Driven. Operate your shops with ease by using very simple and intuitive GUIs! Set prices and add items in a few clicks only!
  • Admin Shops. Create server owned shops with unlimited items and money!
  • Not Only Chests. But also Barrels and Shulker Boxes can be used as shops!
  • Buy/Sell Only Shops. Set whether or not players can only buy or sell in a shop!
  • Per Rank Shops Amount. Set how many shops players with certain rank can create.
  • Per Rank Products Amount. Set how many products per a shop players with certain rank can create.
  • Multi-Currency. Set a list of currencies available to use in shops.
  • Individual Currency for each shop product.
  • Individual Price Type for each shop product.
  • Creation Fee. Set whether or not players have to pay certain amount of money to create/destroy a shop.
  • Protection Plugins Support. Prevent shop creation in other claims or even allow it inside player own claims only!
  • Shop Bank. This is where you can store funds to be used by your shops for transactions. Useful to split your pocket balance and funds you want to use for business! Completely optional!
  • Shop Showcase. Packet-based hologram with floating product icons above the shop.
  • Shop List Menu. A GUI, where you can browse all your own (or other player) shops with an ability to quick edit or teleport to them.
  • Shop Search Menu. A GUI, where you can search shops by items you want to sell or purchase with sorting by price.
  • Product Restrictions. Prevent certain item types, items with certain name, lore to be added as products in player shops.

  • Separate Database. Auction has it's own database where listings are stored. This allows you to share auction listings between multiple servers without affecting the main plugin database.
  • Set which plugin Currencies are available to use in Auction Listings by players. As well, as set permission requirement per each currency.
  • Per Currency Price Limits. Set minimal and maximal listing price for each Currency. This option can be useful to avoid extremely high or low prices.
  • Per Material Price Limits. Set minimal and maximal listing price for certain item types. This option can be useful to avoid extremenly high or low prices for certain items.
  • Preview Containers. See what's inside Shulker Boxes, Chests, Bundles before buying!
  • Auto-Claim Rewards. Set whether or not players will receive profits of sold listings instantly when they're online.
  • Taxes. Set how many (in percent of listing price) player will have to pay to add listing on Auction. And how many (in percent of listing price) will be deducted from the final listing price on purchase, which seller will claim.
  • Listing Types: Active, Expired, Unclaimed, History.
  • Per Rank Listings Amount. Set how many (or make it unlimited) active listings each permission group can have at the same time.
  • Item Restrictions. Prevent certain materials, items with name/lore containting certain words from being added on the Auction.
  • Listing Expiration. Set how long listings will stay in auction before being expired and moved to the 'expired' listings category.
  • Item Search & Sorting. Sort items in auction GUI by one of the following types: Name, Material, Price, Date, Seller name.
  • Item Categories. Filter auction listings by customizable categories like Tools, Combat, Food, etc. By default, there are categories from the Creative mode tabs.
  • Currency Filter. Filter auction listings by currencies, like Money, Exp, Points, Item, etc.


Spoiler: Product Cart
Spoiler: Virtual Shop
Spoiler: Chest Shop
Spoiler: Auction


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  3. 4.8.6 CoinsEngine

    Compatibility for CoinsEngine v2.2.0

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