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Featured threads

xF2 Add-ons Featured threads 1.5

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Original resource URL: https://xenforo.com/community/resources/featured-threads.8459/

Premium upgrade:

This XF2 add-on along with the entire collection can be purchased for $35.00 USD. Your Premium upgrade will allow you to download as many XF2 add-ons as you like for one year. Please see the entire collection located in the Resources area at this URL:



Displays featured threads.

The first post of the thread is selected and will be displayed in the forum list or other widget location.

(Example of Featured threads)


(Example of Options page)


(Example of User group permissions)


  • All phrases start with featuredposts_ for your convenience.
Creating the widget:
  1. Admin Control Panel -> Appearance -> Widgets
  2. Widget definition = Featured posts
  3. Widget key = featured_posts
  4. Title = (leave blank)
  5. Display in positions = Forum list: Above nodes
  6. Click Save.
User group permissions:

Allows viewing the Featured threads widget.

If the prefix ID function is used, selected threads can be viewed by clicking the link in the visitors tab called Featured threads.

The reason for the Admin permission and the Prefix ID in the options page is to create a thread prefix called Featured, that way you can add the Featured thread prefix to any thread you want to be selected randomly and show in the Featured threads widget. You will be able to view which threads have the Featured thread prefix by clicking the Featured threads link in the visitors drop down menu.

Remove attach limits add-on:

The Remove attach limits add-on is required in order to display images.


Questions and answers:

Q: How often are Featured threads rotated?
A: Featured threads are randomly selected every minute based on search criteria selected in the Options page.


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