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FlameCord - Mitigate Bots & Exploits

VIP Core FlameCord - Mitigate Bots & Exploits v1.9.6

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Original resource URL: https://builtbybit.com/resources/flamecord-ultimate-antibot-solution.13492/




FlameCord is a BungeeCord fork with a powerful antibot, exploit prevention systems, performance improvements, removal of unused features, library updates and application layer (L7) ddos mitigation.
FlameCord is compatible with Minecraft versions from 1.7 to latest and has exclusive commands and functionalities for your proxy. FlameCord is the ultimate solution for a secure and fast Minecraft network.

FlameCord’s antibot features are designed to filter out malicious traffic and minimize the impact of bot attacks and exploits on your server.
FlameCord uses advanced packet security to check the rate and size of packets both single and time based.
FlameCord also reduces the timeout time to prevent slowloris type attacks.
FlameCord’s antibot system is highly customizable and can be configured to suit your needs.

FlameCord’s performance improvements are aimed at reducing CPU usage and RAM usage by optimizing and reusing code to fix memory leaks.
FlameCord replaces heavy Netty tasks with faster ones, caches heavy getters from netty, uses libdeflate for faster compression/decompression of packets, and fixes memory leaks.
FlameCord also removes unused features and disables exception logs to save CPU usage.
FlameCord also supports TCP Fast Open for better connection performance.

FlameCord’s exploit prevention systems are focused on fixing major exploits, performance flaws and bugs that BungeeCord already has, and that have not yet been fixed in Waterfall.
FlameCord also adds new methods for developers to have better API access.
FlameCord also allows you to customize the MOTD without losing performance, and supports HEX colors.
FlameCord also has better commands like /ip or /plugins that allow a better usage of BungeeCord.

FlameCord is easy to install and use. Just drag an drop FlameCord.jar into your server folder and run it.
You can customize many FlameCord features in the flamecord.yml file.
For performance measures to reduce CPU usage by 50%, ViaVersion is disabled from running on FlameCord.
To support newest Minecraft versions install ViaVersion on all your backend servers.

FlameCord supports Geyser, a proxy that lets Bedrock Edition players join Java Edition servers. It supports most Java features and cross-play between different platforms. You can use it as a plugin or standalone proxy.


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Latest updates

  1. FlameCord - Update 1.9.6 (GeyserMC)

    BEDROCK EDITION! Fixed reconnect bypass system to make it really work.
  2. FlameCord - Update 1.9.3

    PERFORMANCE! New performance and stability updates. UPSTREAM! Updated to latest BungeeCord update.
  3. FlameCord - Update 1.9.2 (High Performance)

    PERFORMANCE! New performance and stability updates. UPSTREAM! Updated to latest BungeeCord...

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