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FlameCord - Ultimate Antibot Solution

VIP Core FlameCord - Ultimate Antibot Solution v2.0.7

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FlameCord: The Ultimate Antibot Solution

Searching for the ultimate solution to revolutionize your Minecraft server network? Look no further than FlameCord – the pinnacle of performance, security, and customization.
¿Why FlameCord?

Unparalleled Exploit Prevention and Performance Boosts:
FlameCord's laser-focused exploit prevention systems are designed to fix significant vulnerabilities, performance glitches, and bugs that even Waterfall hasn't addressed. Your server's performance will soar to new heights, ensuring a seamless gaming experience. 🚀

Seamless Integration and Customization: With FlameCord, installation is as easy as a breeze – simply drag and drop the FlameCord.jar file into your server folder, and you're set! Unleash your creativity with HEX colors and customize the MOTD without sacrificing performance.

Geyser Compatibility for Cross-Platform Play: Say goodbye to platform barriers! FlameCord seamlessly collaborates with Geyser, letting Bedrock Edition players effortlessly join Java Edition servers. Cross-play has never been smoother – be it as a plugin or a standalone proxy.

Fortified Protection Against Bots and DDoS Attacks: Your server deserves the best protection, and FlameCord delivers. Our advanced antibot system keeps malicious accounts at bay, while our robust security shields you from crashes and DDoS attacks. Keep the gameplay uninterrupted and secure.



Anti-Bot Features
  • IPTables Integration: Integrate with IPTables to ensure high performance DDoS attack prevention systems.
  • Account Firewall: Detect and prevent malicious accounts from accessing your server.
  • Country Filtering: Block or allow players based on specific countries, bolstering security.
  • FastChat Control: Regulate rapid chat messages to curb spam and maintain chat quality.
  • Firewall Exception Management: Define exceptions to allow specific types of packets through the firewall.
  • Nickname Blocking: Block predefined or custom nicknames often used by bots to infiltrate servers.
  • Password Protection: Thwart unauthorized access by enforcing limits on password attempts.
  • Rate Limiting: Control connections and pings per second to combat bot floods.
  • Reconnect Control: Manage player reconnect attempts and duration to deter bots.
  • Packet Analysis: Analyze and monitor incoming packets for anomalies and suspicious behavior.
  • Proxy/Anti-VPN Detection: Identify Proxy & VPN users and take action to safeguard the server.
  • Proxy Whitelisting: Allow specific IP addresses while blocking others to ensure legitimate access.
  • External Lists Integration: Utilize external lists of known malicious IPs to enhance protection.
  • Customization: Tailor antibot settings to your server's needs for a personalized protection shield.
¿How to install FlameCord?

If you are running BungeeCord, Waterfall, or any other BungeeCord fork, just replace your old jar with FlameCord's.

If you are not running BungeeCord or Waterfall, follow the guide on how to install BungeeCord here but for FlameCord's jar instead. Installation is done the same way as BungeeCord.

Geyser, Bedrock Edition Support

FlameCord supports Geyser just fine. All versions are fully tested and our checks have specific bypasses for certain anti-bot checks for Bedrock Edition players. Download Geyser here
ViaVersion Support

FlameCord supports ViaVersion as long as it's installed in all the backend servers running. Instead of installing the jar in the BungeeCord plugins folder, you install it in your backend servers. The reason for this is to achieve a 50% CPU performance upgrade thanks to removing Entity Rewrite from BungeeCord. Download ViaVersion here

FlameCord's Social Community

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: Unlock the full potential of your Minecraft Server with our website. Find tips, tricks, and more to enhance your FlameCord experience. Visit Now

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Discord Support Channel: Instant assistance and lively community interactions await on our Discord support channel. Join Now

Twitter Account: Stay updated with FlameCord news, events, and updates. Follow us on Twitter! Follow Now

Reddit Page: Engage with FlameCord users, exchange ideas, and share experiences on our dedicated subreddit. Join the discussion! Join Here
The new generation

Embrace a new era of Minecraft server excellence with FlameCord. Experience unmatched performance, security, and customization options that take your gameplay to the next level. Invest in FlameCord today and witness the difference for yourself.



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    FlameCord now supports Forge! Added mod support for Forge 1.20.1. Tested with Pixelmon mods.
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    Improved console logger colors for a slight red message.

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