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FlamePaper - Fix Performance & Security

VIP Core FlamePaper - Fix Performance & Security v1.2.0

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  1. Java
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FlamePaper is a Paper 1.8.8 modification that improves performance, fixes exploits and makes your server more secure with stability and scalability in mind. We aim to improve security and performance of Paper to make it as stable as possible.

Install ExploitFixer to fix other exploits related to packets.

  • Modern Tick Loop: FlamePaper implements a modern tick loop to improve performance, fluidity and smooth knockback.
  • Memory Leak Fixes: FlamePaper applies fixes for memory leaks related to Chunks, Enchantments, Map trackers and others to prevent the server for crashing after long playtimes and high player bases.
  • Memory Usage Reduced: FlamePaper simplifies the PaperSpigot code to avoid unnecessary object allocations that generate very frequent garbage collections which causes high CPU usage.
  • Performance Improvements: FlamePaper speeds up server startup, improves TNT & Cannons, optimizes and reduces hoppers and redstone torch lookups and avoids code repetition like looking up for chunks too many times to reduce CPU usage to minimal values.
  • Better Packet Handling: FlamePaper ignores repetitive and inactive packets that give no information to the server to reduce the networking load and the CPU usage.
  • New Java Support: FlamePaper supports new Java versions thanks to it's updated libraries like Netty so it has access to the latest, cutting edge performance, security and bug fixes.
  • Customizable Knockback: FlamePaper gives you access to have custom knockback in your server for a unique PvP experience.
  • Pearl Through Gates: FlamePaper allows you to optionally pearl through blocks that have "transparent" parts like opened gates, slabs and others.
  • Prevent Exploits & Crashes: FlamePaper adds checks for sensitive actions to prevent the server from crashing in cases like exploits of Books, ChatComponents, Invalid Login Data, Invalid Slots, and others...
  • Better Chunk Handling: FlamePaper disables all kind of chunk loading from things that are not players to prevent them from loading chunks when there are no players near or inside and recodes the chunk Garbage Collection system to be adaptative and always clean up unused chunks from memory.
  • TNT & Cannons Improvements: FlamePaper optimizes TNT & Cannons to use much less CPU usage with reduced blocks lookups.
  • Block Placement Prevention: FlamePaper disables placing blocks while having an inventory opened to fix chest visual bug.
  • Vehicle Unmounting: FlamePaper unmounts players from vehicles upon exit to fix errors and exploits.
Just use the .jar provided as a normal Bukkit .jar to start up your server with FlamePaper.

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