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Halloween Effects - Pumpkins, Bats, Witches and more!

VIP Plugins Halloween Effects - Pumpkins, Bats, Witches and more! 1.41.0

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Original resource URL: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/halloween-effects-pumpkins-bats-witches-and-more.29906/

Native Minecraft Version:1.13Tested Minecraft Versions:
  • 1.7
  • 1.8
  • 1.9
  • 1.10
  • 1.11
  • 1.12
  • 1.13
  • 1.14
  • 1.15
  • 1.16
  • 1.17
  • 1.18
  • 1.19
A bukkit/spigot plugin that adds a set of Halloween themed effects to your server. Bring Halloween to your players!

WARNING! You need to go in the config and configure the plugin based on you server needs, game play and amount of players online. You can fine tune effects run interval, disable them or change settings to spawn less entities if you have problems. This plugin spawns some entities but most of them are actually mobs that spawn naturally in the world and only get a pumpkin or other effects applied to them and will also be counted by the cleanup task. DON'T expect for the default config to be ideal for your server, as each server is different.

Spoiler: Video


  • Compatible with most server versions, from 1.6.4 to latest.
  • Works on Cauldron/KCauldron/Thermos 1.7.10 servers.
  • Works on MCPC Plus 1.6.4 servers.
  • Multiple effects and features, read more below.
  • Very configurable, check the config sample below.
  • Light, will use little resources and big tasks run async to not impact the server performance or TPS.


Pumpkin Heads

Will pick up a random player and place a pumpkin on their head if they wear no helmet. It will also run some visual effects, play sounds and send some messages in chat. Bats will also spawn near player head. If players don't want to get this effect all over again all they have to do is wear something on their heads.

Pumpkin Effects
Will check near players for Pumpkins or Jack o Lantern blocks placed and will play some effects and sounds to make the pumpkin feel like he is alive.
On Minecraft 1.13 and up when you break a normal pumpkin block there is a small chance that a Evoker Fang will spawn and eat the pumpkin block with some particle and sound effects.

Pumpkin Click Effects
Will play some effects and sounds when players click on placed Pumpkins or Jack o Lanterns blocks.

Bats Effects
If you hit/shoot a bat he will transform into a Witch and spawn a firework and some small effects. Just for fun.

Bat Names
You can enable/disable bat names and even change the bat names with color codes support, toggle names always visible or not. Bats will get the name when they spawn.

Witch Effects
When you hit/shoot a witch there is a configurable change that the witch will morph back into a bat.

Witch Names
Similar to the Bat Names feature but supports multi names so you can add as many names as you want and the witch will get random names from that list of names. The names are set when the witch spawns.

Mobs Pumpkin Heads
Will place Pumpkins and Jack o Lanterns on mobs heads when they spawn. Sometimes will place Pumpkins, sometimes Jack o Lanterns and sometimes none, also when mobs already wear helmets they will not get removed, just to have diversity in the game. Keep in mind that placing something on mods heads is only possible for mobs that can wear equipment as Zombies, Skeletons, ZombiePigmen... , this is a game limitation. Note these mobs are not spawned by this plugin, these mobs are spawning normally and only get a pumpkin on their heads.

Mobs disguised as Death
Will disguise random mobs that can wear equipment when they spawn as Death. The mob will be invisible and wear Black leather helmet and chastplate and a hoe.

Raise Monsters from the Ground
During the night will pickup random players to raise zombies and skeletons from the ground near them. These mobs are spawned by this plugin so you can disable it.
Bonus mobs:
  • Hoglin Rider - Sometimes instead of default zombies and skeletons a Hoglin Rider will raise from the ground. This Hoglin and it's Piglin Brute will be immune to zombification.
  • Strider Rider - Sometimes instead of default zombies and skeletons a Strider Rider will raise from the ground. This Strider is peaceful but his rider is a Pillager and it will raid you down!
  • Ravager Rider - Sometimes instead of default zombies and skeletons a Ravager Rider will raise from the ground. It's a Evoker riding a Ravager.

Random Scares
During the night will get random players and play random sounds and sometimes lightning. For a spooky feel.

Eat Pumpkin Pie Effects
Will play some effects when you eat a pumpkin pie. It will place a pumpkin on your head and apply some potion effects, play some sounds and particles.

When you kill a player or sometimes a mob a ghost will spawn from the soul of the killed entity! Fancy effect and spooky!

Spawn Fancy Mobs
When a hostile mob is spawning there is a small chance that a fancy mob will spawn. Fancy mobs are some mobs that you normally do not find in the world or are very rare. This uses a normal mob spawn as trigger and it will transform that mob based on it's type to one of the fancy mobs below.
Available mobs:
  • ChickenJockey - Is a baby zombie, zombie pigman, villager zombie or a husk riding a chicken. Spawns sometimes when a zombie spawns.
  • SpiderJockey - Is a skeleton, wither skeleton or a stray riding a spider or a cave spider. Spawns sometimes when a skeleton spawns.
  • SkeletonHorseman - Is a skeleton riding a skeleton horse. Will equip an enchanted bow and sometimes an enchanted iron helmet. Spawns sometimes when a skeleton spawns.
  • ZombieHorseman - Is a zombie riding a zombie horse. Will equip an enchanted iron sword and sometimes an enchanted iron helmet. Spawns sometimes when a zombie spawns.
  • Illusioner - Makes the Illusioner mob to spawn naturally sometimes when a witch spawn. Available with custom names.
  • Hoglins - When a pig spawns there is a small chance it will be converted into a baby hoglin, this just brings Hoglins to spawn to other worlds then their Nether home.
  • Killer Bunny - When a rabbit spawns there is a small chance it will become a Killer Bunny, just for fun as this mob does not naturally spawn.

Spoiler: MobPictures

No Dependencies

Install instructions

  1. Place the plugin in the server plugins folder and start the server. Done!
  2. (Optional) Open the config and set up the plugin settings as you like and do /hf reload to apply the changes.
- Allow the use of config reload and clear commands. Default to OP.
HF.noEffects - Disable effects. Default to none.

/hf reload
- HF.admin - Reload the plugin config.
/hf clear - HF.admin - Kill all entities tagged by this plugin.

Config Sample:
Spoiler: config.yml

Useful Info

Found a problem or got a suggestion?

I'm happy to add new features and fix any issue you may find, just post it in plugins forum, the button Discussion.

Future updates.
In case the plugin will need to be updated we will do it as fast as we get the new minecraft version.


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