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HCF Plus 1.18 - 1.19 | Claim Wand | Classes | DTR | PAPI | (Teams and Claims)

Plugins HCF Plus 1.18 - 1.19 | Claim Wand | Classes | DTR | PAPI | (Teams and Claims) 1.19.1

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Original resource URL: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/hcf-plus-1-18-1-19-claim-wand-classes-dtr-papi-teams-and-claims.98332/

Native Minecraft Version:1.18Tested Minecraft Versions:
  • 1.18
Source Code:https://github.com/r0wl/HCFPlus
Raiding, classes, and abilities are all optional mechanics of this plugin, making it fit for multiple uses!

This plugin optionally supplies PlaceholderAPI with placeholders. Please check my resources page if you wish to downlaod the extension.
You can also download the extension through the eCloud using "/papi ecloud download hcfplus"

Any feedback (especially feature suggestions) is always appreciated! Feel free to leave a review/comment!

To-do: https://trello.com/b/METAzQ49/to-do


/f create <name> - Create a faction
/f desc <your description here> - Set your description
/f invite <name> - Invite a friend
/f kick <name> - Kick a player from faction
/f setleader <name> - Set new faction leader
/f leave - Leave faction
/f info [faction/player] - View info of your/someone's faction
/f setcolor - Set your faction's display color
/f list - Show all factions
/f sethome - Set faction home
/f home - Teleport to faction home
/f claim - Get a claiming wand to claim land
/f unclaim - Unclaim your land
/f notify - Send a message to faction members

/f reload - Reload config
/f version - Check version
/f setdtr <faction/player> <dtr> - Set faction DTR
/f savefactions - Manual factions save (for autosaving)

hcf.admin - Override claims

Archer - Leather Armor: Speed 3, Jump Boost 2
Miner - Iron Armor: Haste 2, Night Vision
Bard - Gold Armor: Speed 1, Regeneration 2, Resistance 2, Weakness 4
Bard Abilities ---> Sugar = Speed 2 | Blaze Powder = Strength 1 | Iron Ingot = Resistance 1 | Ghast Tear = Regeneration 1 | Feather = Jump Boost 2

More classes and abilities are planned for the future!

How does raiding and DTR work?
Each faction has a maximum DTR value, determined by the amount of players in the faction. For a faction with 5 people, this number will be 5. Each time a faction member dies, that amount will be reduced by 1. The DTR will regenerate 1 DTR each interval set in the config. Once a faction reaches 0 or less than 0 DTR, their claim is raidable and has no protection until their DTR rises over 0 again.


Code (YAML):
# Set to true for miner, archer, and bard kits to function.
use-kits: true

# Set to true if you wish for players to be raidable when at or below 0 DTR
enable-raiding: true

# Show faction claim coordinates when you do /f info
show-coords-in-info: true

# Set to true to add a customizable delay to teleportation commands (including /f home and commands from other plugins)
use-tp-delay: false

# Teleport delay (seconds). This only affects the /f home command
teleport-delay: 5

# Maximum team name (in characters)
max-team-name: 15

# Maximum description length (in characters)
max-description-length: 80

# Maximum distance between the 2 claim corners
max-claim-corner-distance: 100

# Minimum distance between 2 claim corners
min-claim-width: 4

# Maximum members in faction (excluding leader)
max-members: 5

# Minimum DTR so it does not drop too low. This does not affect the raidability threshold
minimum-dtr: -1

#Maximum DTR (So you can have more faction members without too high of DTR)
maximum-dtr: 8

# How often (in ticks) to regenerate 1 DTR for all factions
dtr-regen: 36000

#Enderpearl cooldown (in seconds). Vanilla Minecraft is 1 second.
enderpearl-cooldown: 10

# Set this to true to allow chat formatting (To show team names in chat)
format-chat: true

# Formatting
formatted-chat: "{team}::{name} > {message}"
no-team-formatted-chat: "{name} > {message}"

# Allow mobs to spawn in claims
mob-spawn-in-claims: false

# Configurable Messages Below
msg-success: "&eSuccess!"
msg-must-be-in-faction: "&cYou must be in a faction to do that!"
msg-must-be-leader: "&cYou must be the leader to do that!"
msg-player-not-found: "&cPlayer not found."
msg-no-invite: "&cYou do not have any invitations or the faction you are trying to join is full."
already-has-claim: "&cYour team already has a claim!"
tried-claim-no-selection: "&cYou must make a selection with /pos1 & /pos2, or use this claiming wand!"
claim-too-big: "&cClaim too big."
claim-too-small-or-narrow: "&cClaim too small or narrow"
land-already-claimed: "&cLand is already claimed."
must-have-claim: "&cYou need to have a claim!"
home-must-be-in-claim: "&cYour home must be inside your claim!"
already-in-faction: "&cYou are already in a faction!"
name-too-long: "&cFaction name is too long!"
name-taken: "&cThat name is already taken!"
invalid-name: "&cTry another name with A-Z only!"
faction-founded: "&eFaction &f{faction} &ehas been founded!" #Use {faction} to get the name of the founded faction
teleport-pending: "&eTeleporting to faction home in &f{seconds} &eseconds. Do not engage in PvP combat."

# PlaceholderAPI Settings
show-color-in-placeholder: true



/f setcolor - GUI

/f info - Claim border

Using PlaceholderAPI to show faction name
Any feedback (especially feature suggestions) is always appreciated! Feel free to leave a


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