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✅ Infinite Parkour Plus ▶ Multiplayer Parkour | Lobby Parkour | And More...

VIP Plugins ✅ Infinite Parkour Plus ▶ Multiplayer Parkour | Lobby Parkour | And More... 2.2.3

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Original resource URL: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/%E2%9C%85-infinite-parkour-plus-%E2%96%B6-multiplayer-parkour-lobby-parkour-and-more.105019/

Native Minecraft Version:1.16Tested Minecraft Versions:
  • 1.16
  • 1.17
  • 1.18
  • 1.19
Languages Supported:English, Dutch and you can add your own :)

Infinite Parkour+ is a paid addon for the plugin Infinite Parkour -
the most feature-rich randomly generating parkour plugin in the world.
This addon adds an enormous amount of new features ✨

These features focus on making everything a lot more fun
and will make the experience a lot nicer for your players.

This addon adds:
  • 6 new singleplayer modes
  • 2 new multiplayer modes
  • Lobby parkour
  • Lobbies
  • New style type
Scroll down for the full list of features.
Supports 1.16 - 1.19. Use /ipp to get all for help in-game.
To run this plugin you need Infinite Parkour v5.0.0 and vilib v1.1.0 on your server.

Coming soon:
  • Per-gamemode rewards

Lobbies are a new way for players to connect and create a community. When a player or a group of players is playing parkour, they will be in a lobby.

IP+ introduces a way to quickly and easily find these lobbies: the active lobbies menu. This is a menu that will display all current lobbies, including the amount of players, the current mode and the spectators.

Clicking on a lobby makes a player join. If there's no more room, clicking on the lobby will automatically make the player become a spectator.

The owner can also invite players with the new invite menu. Since IP 5.0.0, every lobby is joined using a player that's in the lobby. If you want to join Efnilite's lobby, type /ip join Efnilite.

If the owner of a lobby doesn't like a player that joined, they can be kicked with the Player Management menu. The owner can also set the visibility to private.


With these new modes, players can spend a lot of time engaging in competitive and fun modes. They work great as a way to pass the time. You can enable or disable any of these modes in the config. Every mode in IP+ has their own leaderboard.

- Practice -
Practice mode allows you to select which type of jumps will appear, and the distance between them. Players can use this to improve their parkour skills with specific jumps.

- Hourglass -
In Hourglass mode, players can only stand on a block for 0.5 seconds. If the player doesn't jump to the next block, the block they're standing on will be set to air. The time amount is customizable.

- Speed -
Players get speed 2, with their goal being to keep running as long as possible. This mode has no jumping, but the path does change, so players just have to make sure they don't fall off.

- Super Jump -
In Super Jump, players jump from platform to platform. The higher their score, the longer the distance is that they have to jump. To make 20-block jumps possible, players also get a higher speed level each jump. This is the hardest gamemode in this addon.

- Time Trial -
This mode is based on speedrunning. The goal of every player is to reach a score of 100 as quickly as possible (this value can be changed in the config). All options that change the difficulty are disabled, to create an equal playing ground for all players.

- Wave Trial -
In this mode, parkour goes up and down. The goal is to get the fastest time.

[Video coming soon]


Invite your friends! Multiplayer adds a ton of new ways for friends or strangers to play together. Every mode in IP+ has their own leaderboard. Multiplayer modes support infinite players.

- Team Survival -

In Team Survival, a group of players play the default parkour. The owner can change all the settings. If one player falls, everyone gets teleported back to the start.

Note: this mode has some bugs in the current build. This will be fixed in the next update.

- Duels -
In Duels, players compete to be the first player to reach a score of 100 (you can change this in the config). Players will spawn next to each other and the scoreboard will show everyone's progress.


You can now select a specific area in every world for players to play parkour in. This area needs to be at least 30x30x30. In this small area, the parkour will be mostly the same as normal. No schematics will appear while playing this mode.

/ipp lobbygm pos1 - Sets the first position
/ipp lobbygm pos2 - Sets the second position
/ipp lobbygm save - Saves the selection you made for the current world.

When you save the area, it will only apply in the world you saved it in. If you save your selection in world "Lobby", it won't apply to "world-1".

Players need to use /parkour join lobby to join.


By default, styles in Infinite Parkour use a random material for every parkour block. Incremental styles follow the same pattern, every time.

Let's say you have a style with snow, ice and stone.
Default style: snow, snow, stone, ice, stone, ice, snow
Incremental style: snow, ice, stone, snow, ice, stone


By default, you get 13 incremental styles.
You can change, add your own or remove any style in the IP+ config.

Spoiler: Provided incremental styles


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Latest updates

  1. v2.2.3 - Hotfix

    This build requires IP v5.2.4 ✨ Fixed players being able to join lobby mode when it was not set...
  2. v2.2.2 - Hotfix

    This build requires IP v5.2.2 ✨ Updated upstream
  3. v2.2.1 - Hotfix

    This build requires IP v5.2.0 ✨ Fixed invite not working if another plugin uses /parkour Fixed...
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