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Invincibility Hack

Exploit Invincibility Hack v1.0

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Original resource URL: https://github.com/Coderx-Gamer/invincibility-hack


How to use:

Type '*invincibility' in the chat to toggle the hack. Now once you die you will not see the death screen. After dying relog for you to be able to load chunks, see entities, attack entities etc. If you want to respawn toggle the hack off and relog and you will see the death screen.


While invincibility is active you can still take damage server-side but not client-side. (before dying) Some entities may not render. Some player data might not be updated correctly while invincibility mode is active. (such as hunger) You cannot pickup items. (you can take items out of chests or any other container though) Mobs will not attack you. Does NOT work on papermc.


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