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Plugins ItemFrameShops 6.6.0

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Original resource URL: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/itemframeshops.4667/

Sell items and blocks to your players using Item Frames!

  • Create shops, super fast and easy! Very easy to use
  • Shops are automatically protected
  • Advanced automatic price calculation: shop prices are based on a file with some default prices for uncraftable items, all other prices are calculated using their recipes (this includes in-world crafting). IFS will also take into account damaged items and price them according to the amount of damage. Does not include brewing at this time for technical reasons
  • Nice completely customizable GUI menu to interact with a shop.
  • Preview the item you're buying by seeing it as a preview in the shop menu inventory
  • Use WorldEdit to create (or remove) a lot of shops at once.
  • Offer discounts when people buy per stack (or don't, it's up to you!)
  • Works with any custom item as long as it can be put in a item frame
  • Beautifully presented - Item Frames
  • Tested and working with CraftBukkit and Spigot 1.14 -> 1.20.1 (recent item additions since 1.18 do not have default prices at this time)
  • All user-facing messages are customizable
Note: This plugin does not support player shops, and will not in the near future. It is to be used by admins to create shops for server players.


Almost every item has a default price shipped with the plugin, but we suggest you still change most of these yourself. Some special items will not have defaults (excotic items like mob spawners)
I am not responsible for problems with the included default prices. It is the task of the server owner to fine tune prices, the ones I include are just suggestions. All craftable items will be automatically priced based on your defaults. The defaults included with the plugin are best effort guesses.

Required plugins
- Vault
- Permissions system (Bukkit default or plugin like LuckPerms)
- Economy plugin that is supported by Vault. (I use Essentials economy)

Make sure to see the manual for correct versions of these dependencies. https://wwx.be/itemframeshops/docs

Commands and permissions:
Spoiler: Commands and Permissions
Spoiler: Settings
Typical usage
1. Create shops by right clicking an item frame while crouching.

2. Optionally set the shop prices and/or modes by using the command.
3. Click the shop to view all available options.
The plugin will display an inventory GUI like this (the layout is cutomisable!):

4. Remove shops by left clicking a frame while crouching.


- ifs.admin.remove (allows removal of shops)
- ifs.admin.create (allows creation of shops)
- ifs.user.sell (allows selling to shops)
- ifs.user.buy (allows buying from shops)
In case you want to allow players to use /ifs sellall, you need to add the command permission AND ifs.command

Minecraft versions

IFS has a very extensive manual that will help you install the correct dependencies for the correct server versions. Please make sure you see the getting started guide here: https://wwx.be/itemframeshops/docs


Are you interested in creating a demo video for IFS? Let me know! For a high quality video, suitable to put on this plugin description page I offer a full refund of the initial purchase price.

Plugin Conflicts
This plugin should work fine with most plugins as ItemFrameShops does not depend on any special code.

I crouch and right click at the same time and it only flips the item in the frame?
A: Make sure vault is installed and that you have an economy plugin installed. Also check your console for errors or warning messages. IFS prints a lot of information regarding requirements on startup.

Q: I'm getting an error in console like:
Code (Text):
Caused by: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: net/milkbowl/vault/item/Items
A: If you get this error, you are using the wrong Vault version corresponding to your Minecraft or ItemFrameShops version. Please see this page for more information: https://woutwoot.github.io/itemframeshops-docs/

Q: Can I buy items with XP?
A: No.

Q: Can I use this for mob spawners?
A: On its own, no. But with the help of silkspawners you can easily sell working spawners using IFS.

Q: WorldGuard is sending messages to players saying that they don't have permissions, can you fix this?
A: I'd like to, but I can't. The only way to get rid of the messages is to set the deny-message flag on the region the shops are in, in the WorldGuard regions.yml file. Example:

Cool designs

Be sure to send me your own designs and I will consider adding them to this page!

Terms of Service
  • All purchases are final. No refunds. (this is mostly because I am unable to revoke access to the plugin via Spigot) If for some reason you are not sure whether or not the plugin will work on your server, please contact me before buying!
  • My timezone is GMT+1 - keep this in mind
  • You may use this plugin on 1 server or network only, with the following size restriction: usage on more than 5 IP addresses or 20 servers at the same time will trigger anti-piracy and disable the plugin. In case you need more, please contact me before buying. (I will charge you a small one time fee depending on the amount of servers, I believe that's only fair)
  • Post a problem in the discussion before writing a bad review and put errors in code tags or pastebin. I think I can say I provide very good support services, but you have to be willing to put some time and effort into it too. I usually reply within the next hour in case I'm awake & near a computer. (If I'm sleeping, the next day) Again, PLEASE DO NOT USE THE REVIEW SECTION TO REPORT PROBLEMS (it will even get me to reply to you slower since I don't get notifications for this)
  • I can stop supporting any given Minecraft version whenever I want to. (for older versions)
  • Please, don't expect me to spend countless hours adding a feature you request if it is hard to add. You paid 7 euros, that's not even the minimum wage. For that price you get the best support I can offer and an already awesome plugin. I add feature requests if I can and when they're not to hard to add or when I feel like they're worth adding.
  • These terms can change without any prior notice.
Thanks to
Cybermaxke for helping me implement the feature that allows you to change the shop menu title.

After buying
I suggest you start with the manual, there is a lot of information available here: https://woutwoot.github.io/itemframeshops-docs/

After that, enjoy the plugin! Get started by crouch+right click on an ItemFrame. This will create a shop.

If you like the plugin, please leave me a good review. It keeps me motivated to do more updates.

Please read this entire page before asking a question. 80% of the questions I get are mentioned on this page or in the documentation.


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