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Izzy’s Fruits

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Original resource URL: https://mcmodels.net/model/izzys-fruits/

Izzy’s Fruits​

A collection of custom fruits and farming relate items for anything you might need them for!


The fruits, in order of appearance, are an Apricot, a Banana, several Blueberries, an Orange, a Grapefruit, a Lemon, a Lime, a Kiwi (fruit, not bird), a Pineapple, a Peach, a Pear, a Plum, a Mango, a Dragon Fruit, Cherries, Passion Fruit, a strawberry, and a Golden Strawberry with similar effects to a Golden Apple. Each one comes with MMO Items plugin support for server owners, but they also function as simple foods for those without the plugin. It is not required to use this asset pack. They can be summoned by using the /give command. Further instructions are in a readme file in the download.

The pitchfork is a nice looking prop for builds and sets. With MMO Items installed, it has simple stats placing it slightly under that of a wooden sword. It’s registered as a spear. Poke creepers to death at range!

The straw hat is a wearable cosmetic for anything that uses the head slot (anything humanoid). With MMO Items installed, it’s a modest hat that increases your dodge rating slightly. What a lucky farmer!

The fruit baskets are a cosmetic item to help spice up market stalls and the like. It comes in four colors; Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green.

A straw hat for Izzy's Fruits. It's part of an asset pack and has MMO items functionality
A fruit basket of yellow fruit, a cosmetic feature of Izzy's fruit pack.
A farmer's pitchfork, for use in Minecraft servers. A custom modeled item, with MMO items functionality.
These items are guaranteed to add a little variety to your players diets, and are would make good bulk trading items. Should you possess the expertise, you could even make them grow in the game world using datapacks or plug ins!

If you’d like to see one of the items in game, the red fruit basket is available as a free item for you to download here!







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