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Plugins JetsPrisonMines | QUICK GUI SETUP | EFFECTS | SCHEMATICS | CUSTOM BLOCKS | #1 MINES | 1.8 - 1.20 4.6.4

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Original resource URL: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/jetsprisonmines-quick-gui-setup-effects-schematics-custom-blocks-1-mines-1-8-1-20.63783/

Native Minecraft Version:1.13Tested Minecraft Versions:
  • 1.8
  • 1.9
  • 1.10
  • 1.11
  • 1.12
  • 1.13
  • 1.14
  • 1.15
  • 1.16
  • 1.17
  • 1.18
  • 1.19
  • 1.20

JetsPrisonMines is a way to manage Mines through simple-to-use GUI's ingame.
Spigot Versions 1.8 - 1.20 (As well as Paper/Taco Spigot) supported.

JetsPrisonMines is written to be efficient, simple but feature rich - and with an active developer, you can expect more features to be added often

Come and join our official Discord Server!

Need a PrisonCells plugin? Check out this one here!


  • GUI Based
  • Timed / Percentage Resets
  • Gradual / Instant reset types (Configurable & Efficient!) - As well as configure reset direction (I.E Reset blocks from Top-To-Bottom, or Bottom-To-Top) and the amount of blocks to paste per tick
  • Player Effects (20 + Different Effects!)
  • Player Reset Permissions - Allow players to reset certain mines, per X amount of time
  • Mine Effects - SPAWN Fireworks when the mine resets, enable players to Fly within mines
  • Statistic Holograms
  • Schematics
  • Hide the surface of the mine, by selecting a block to reset the mine surface with and add blocks to the mine that players cannot mine
  • Configure reset percentages per block
  • Messages
  • Very Customisable
  • Disable block placing within mines
  • Support for 1.8 - 1.19
  • Configure mines so they only reset if more than X people are online
  • PrisonMines (By Twyzl) and MineResetLite/MineResetLitePlus (By Boomclaw/vk2gpz) and Mines (By PCPSells) Conversion
  • PlaceholderAPI support - integrate mine stats into any plugin that supports PlaceholderAPI!
  • TokenEnchant support
  • AutoSell support
  • AsylumBombs support
  • ItemsAdder & Oraxen support (For custom blocks within mines)


Spoiler: GOODIES

Spoiler: Video


The majority of configuration is done through ingame GUI's, rather than commands.

User Permissions
- /Prisonmines reset <mine> - Give a user the ability to reset a mine -
jetsprisonmines.user.reset (Cooldown permission is specified in config.yml)

Admin Permissions:
- /PrisonMines createmine <name> - Creates a mine with the defined name - jetsprisonmines.admin.createmine
- /PrisonMines list -
lists all the current mines that are active - jetsprisonmines.admin.list
- /PrisonMines reload - reloads the configuration files - jetsprisonmines.admin.reload

- /PrisonMines panel <mine> - Opens the mine panel for a particular mine - jetsprisonmines.admin.panel
- /PrisonMines deletemine <mine>
- Deletes the specified mine - jetsprisonmines.admin.delete
- /PrisonMines wand - Gives you the Mine Selection Tool - jetsprisonmines.admin.wand
- /PrisonMines convert <plugin> - Converts another mines plugin into this- jetsprisonmines.admin.convert
- /PrisonMines resize <mine> - resizes the mines region to the current selection this- jetsprisonmines.admin.createmine
- /PrisonMines reset <mine/all> - resets a mines block area-
jetsprisonmines.reset and either jetsprisonmines.reset.<minename> OR jetsprisonmines.admin.reset to be able to reset all mines
- /PrisonMines resetdir <bottomtotop/toptobottom> <mine/all> - sets the reset direction of a mine - jetsprisonmines.admin.resetdir
- /PrisonMines settp <mine> - sets the teleport location of the mine - Jetsprisonmines.admin.createmine
- /PrisonMines srp <percentage> <mine/all> - Sets the percentage reset of a mine - jetsprisonmines.admin.createmine
- /PrisonMines str <time> <mine/all> - Sets the timed reset of a mine - jetsprisonmines.admin.createmine
- /PrisonMines resettype <instant/gradual> <mine/all> - Sets the reset type for that particular mine, or all mines - jetsprisonmines.admin.resettype
- /PrisonMines debug <mine> - Debugs a mine with useful information - jetsprisonmines.admin.debug
- /PrisonMines setblocksinmine <material> <mine/all> - Sets all blocks in a mine temporarily to a certain material - jetsprisonmines.admin.setblocks
- /PrisonMines addblock <mine> <material> <percentage> - jetsprisonmines.admin.setblocks
- /PrisonMines rename<oldminename> <newminename> - jetsprisonmines.admin.rename

- Ability to place blocks in mines


Pretty simple, just drop the plugin in the /plugins folder

To create a mine:
- Get a mine wand using /mines wand, select the region of the mine
- Use the command /Mines create <minename> to create the mine with the region
- Use the mine panel, /mines panel <minename> to modify it's contents
- Setup a worldguard region over the mine to allow for block breaking

Currently only conversions from Twyzl's PrisonMines and Boomclaw's/vk2gpz MineresetLite/plus is supported/ It will only convert the mine regions, spawn location, and blocks in the mine - This can be temperamental and some mines may need to be done manually.

To do a conversion
- Delete the old PrisonMines/MineResetLite plugin
- Put in my plugin and start the server up
- Type /prisonmines convert <plugin>
- Restart server
- done!

Placeholders using PlaceholderAPI
Code (Text):

/papi ecloud download jetsprisonmines
/papi reload

to list placeholders
/papi ecloud placeholders jetsprisonmines


Files are quite small, as per mine configuration is done through GUI's

Spoiler: config.yml
Spoiler: messages.yml


Events will be added soon, but a few methods exist that you may use:

How to use?
Code (Text):

//I would suggest saving this to a field variable, so you don't have to keep keep calling the Bukkit API

Also two events:
Code (Text):

MinePostResetEvent - Called when after a mine is reset
OpenMineInventoryEvent - Called when a player opens a mine inventory


First release
Last update
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Latest updates

  1. 4.6.4 - Added new Event

    [+] Added PlayerBreakBlockInMineEvent - Called when you guessed it, a player breaks a block in a...
  2. 4.6.3 - Bug fix

    [+] Fixes a bug with CHERRY_LOG's not working within the Mines

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