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Lands ⭕ Land claim plugin ✅ Grief Prevention Protection GUI Management Nations Wars - 1.20 Support

Plugins Lands ⭕ Land claim plugin ✅ Grief Prevention Protection GUI Management Nations Wars - 1.20 Support 7.5.2

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Original resource URL: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/lands-%E2%AD%95-land-claim-plugin-%E2%9C%85-grief-prevention-protection-gui-management-nations-wars-1-20-support.53313/

Native Minecraft Version:
  • 1.20

Tested Minecraft Versions:
  • 1.18
  • 1.19
  • 1.20
Languages Supported:All player facing messages and menus are translatable. Default language: English (en-US)

All Features:
  • Powerful and full customisation
    • Best performance
      • Lands is designed to provide the best performance
        • Only necessary data will be cached
        • Actions are well optimised
    • Edit all messages
      • You can even send messages as:
        • Chat message and / or
        • Title and / or
        • Actionbar
    • Edit all GUI things
      • Item names
      • Item lores
      • Item slots
      • Item materials
    • Many configuration options
      • Set default flags for lands
      • Set default flags for roles
      • Configure the claim height for each world (optional)
        • Admin claims / safezones won't be affected
      • Customise the creation of an claim and land
      • Set requirements for claims
      • Set notifications
      • Interact with other plugins
    • Multiworld support
      • Allow land claiming in multiple worlds
      • Allow random teleportation in multiple worlds
        • With backup teleportation world
    • Edit every land in an intuitive GUI
      • There's an GUI for everything
      • No commands needed
    • Commands
      • Set aliases for main command in config
      • Block specific commands in lands where an players isn't trusted
      • Block specific commands in lands for general
    • Intuitive Permission System
      • Option to give claims and / or lands by playtime. You can enable this in config
      • If you're missing a permission, Lands will tell you in chat messages or GUI.
  • Folia support
  • Optimised and powerful system
    • Role restrictions
      • Create roles (like in Discord) and set flags
      • Supports block sized sub areas
      • Assign settings to specific roles
      • Allow roles only to fly in lands (toggle-able) with bypass
      • Set defaults in config
      • Permissions
    • Land settings
      • Supports block sized sub areas
      • Set defaults in config
      • Permissions
    • Create block sized sub areas
      • Do actions like trusting players or set an role in specific areas (block sized; 3D)
    • Actions in specific lands
      • Smart system, which will automatically know which land you want to edit
      • No annoying long commands needed
    • Selections
      • Selection chunks and use them for actions like claim, trust, untrust, setrole etc.
      • Display your selection automatically and live
    • Claiming
      • Claim areas through an selection
        • No item in hand needed
        • Display your selection live with particles
      • Claim an chunk through an simple command
      • Claim chunks while walking over them (auto-claim)
    • Areas inside a Land
      • You can fully disable this
      • Let your players setup 3D areas inside their lands
      • They can customise settings for these areas and trust players to them
      • Setup taxes for areas
    • Inspire players to create a land together
      • Allow the land to claim more chunks if it gets more members
      • Display how many claims the player will contribute to your land before you invite / trust him
        • You can disable this
  • Nations (optional)
    • Create a nation and invite other lands to join you.
    • Declare war against other nations or lands.
    • Set taxes for your lands depending on their size.
    • Reward lands with additional claims depending on your nation level.
  • Wars (optional)
    • War Declarations
      • Send a war declaration to a enemy land
      • Set a tribute (optional)
        • A attacker can set a tribute. The defender land will need to pay this value in order to surrender.
        • The enemy can also reject all surrenders.
        • Set a max tribute value in config. With this setting you can prevent players setting ridiculously high tribute values
        • Option to let Lands calculate the optimal max tribute value
        • Option to divide the tribute between allies. The attacker can configure that in their GUI menu.
      • Set a war preparation time in config
      • Set a war notification scheduler in config
    • War preparation time (optional)
      • Configure a war preparation time in config
      • This is very useful to let all players now that the war is starting soon.
    • Combat
      • Configure every single aspect of combat and interaction in the enemies land.
      • Allow / Disallow specific settings
        • For example disallow destruction and allow placement of ladders etc.
        • You can define each block for block breaking and placement
        • There are many settings here):
    • War rewards
      • Configure custom war rewards in config
      • All commands supported
      • Reward them with robbery of the enemy land bank
        • You can configure a maximum amount or let Lands decide
    • Pillage (optional)
      • Customize or even prevent pillages
      • Set a minimum amount of players of the defenders, which need to be online before attackers can interact / fight in the enemy land.
      • Prevent spawn-killing
      • Set a logging cooldown
        • Prevent players abusing the pillage minimum players setting
        • Configure a specific period, in which the attackers can still interact in the enemy land, even with no players online (optional)
    • Capture and hold (optional)
      • The enemy can place capture points into the enemies land
      • Once captured they can unclaim or claim the area, depending on your config
    • War Shield
      • Configure custom war shields in config
      • Set war shield after surrender (optional)
      • Set war shield after war (optional)
    • Allies (Work in Progress; Not added yet)
      • Option to allow the allies lands being a war field
    • Huge GUI Menu
      • Organise your wars in a nice GUI menu
      • View all sort of information
    • Huge GUI
      • Edit all your lands and claims via an huge GUI
      • Best performance
        • Display player heads and skins without any lag or delay
      • No commands needed
      • Multi pages supported
      • Auto size lore lines length (You can disable this)
      • Edit GUI sizes
      • Edit all items
        • Edit all materials
        • Edit all names
        • Edit all lores
        • Edit all slots
      • Edit everything
    • Easy to understand
      • Players don't need to struggle with annoying commands
      • Good and easy to understand concept
    • Invites
      • Invite players to your land or specific chunks
      • Prevents permission abusing
      • Offline players supported
      • Accept / deny invites via an GUI
      • GUI with much information
      • Trap setting prevention
      • Set join cost
      • You can disable this
    • Taxes / Economy
      • Vault supported
      • Well optimised
      • Many options
      • Set cost increase
      • Set cashback
      • Set taxes via GUI
      • Land upkeep
        • Let lands pay x amount of money per claim
        • Unclaim latest claimed chunk, if the land can pay the bill (You can disable this)
        • Set interval time
      • Different tax modes
        • Tax abusing prevention
        • Options to customise
      • Different modes
      • Item based economy option
        • Works without Vault
        • You can enable / disable this
      • Land banks
        • Pay actions like /Lands claim with the land bank
        • Let members deposit money in land bank
        • You can enable / disable this in config
    • Rent and Sell System
      • Set sub areas for rent and sale
      • Land owners can setup rental and sale signs to automatically let other players rent sub areas of this land
      • Even whole lands can be sold
      • Configurable
    • Camps
      • Players can place down a camp item which will create a temporary camp to protect their belongings.
      • You can configure camps to not expand
      • Configure claim radius
    • Management
      • Integrations
        • WorldGuard integration
          • Disallow players claiming in WorldGuard regions
      • Delete inactive players
        • Purge lands of inactive players
          • Option to enable Lands to search for an new owner instead of deleting the land
          • Option to disable / enable this
        • Untrust inactive players from lands
          • Option to disable / enable this
      • Regenerate unclaimed chunks at unclaim (optional)
      • List all created Lands on your server
        • View all of them in a useful GUI menu
        • Let the lands represent themselves
        • Ability to open this menu from the main menu
        • Command to open the menu
        • Show stats about the land
    • Permissions
      • Numbered permissions
        • Set max lands
        • Set max chunks
        • Set max members
        • Give players x amount of free claims (no costs)
        • Give players x amount of free land creations (no costs)
      • Staff permission to allow bypassing protections or edit other players lands
        • Full GUI support
      • Give permissions by playtime (optimal)
    • Admin commands / actions
      • Force trusting players in lands or specific chunks
      • Force untrusting players in lands or specific chunks
      • Edit lands or chunks via huge GUI
      • Rename lands
      • Delete lands or chunks (claims)
      • Synchronise default land or role settings to all lands
      • Console support
    • Optimised command system
      • Tab completion
        • Sub commands are also supported
      • Help pages
        • Will only list commands you have access to
        • Automatic page creation and calculation
    • Visualise borders
      • Visualise claim borders
        • Edit time
        • Edit particles
      • Show information about land / claim
        • Taxes
        • Roles (Trusted players)
        • Position
    • Land leave / enter announces
      • Show information when entering an land
      • Customisation for every land with placeholders
      • Edit duration
      • Send title and / or chat message and / or actionbar
    • Lands chat
    • Official Discord Bot Addon
    • Lands stats
      • Top 10 lands leader board
        • Show top 10 lands via signs with skulls of land owners
        • Edit complete layout and messages
      • Top 10 lands holograms
        • Show top 10 lands on holograms
        • Create unlimited holograms
        • Fully customisation
        • Note: This requires HolographicDisplays, CMI or DecentHolograms
    • Random teleport
      • Teleport to a random location via command /Lands wild
      • Prevent water and lava (safe location lookup)
      • It's super efficient and does NOT lag your server
      • Configure options
        • Prevent water and lava
        • Prevent claimed land
        • Set worlds
        • Set backup world
        • And more
    • Dynmap, BlueMap, Pl3xMap and Squaremap Support
      • Display lands at your dynmap, BlueMap, Pl3xMap or Squaremap
      • Configure visualisation
        • Set colour
        • Set border thickness
        • Customise text / description
    • MySQL, SQLite, JSON
      • You can either use SQLite, JSON (no database required) or MySQL (read wiki)
    • Placeholders for PlaceholderAPI
    • Huge API
      • Implement you own ideas into Lands
      • Implement features of Lands into your plugin
    • Import data from other plugins
      • Import claims from other plugins to Lands
        • Currently supported:
          • Towny
          • WorldGuard
          • Griefprevention
          • GriefDefender
          • Residence
          • RedProtect
          • Your current claim plugin isn't listed? Let me know!


Image Transcription:
What is Lands?

Lands is an innovative and unique land management plugin, which can be fully controlled via GUI's in-game. It's designed to be easy to understand for your players. Try the endless possibiities today!
  • Protection: It protects agains all grief attempts.
  • Roles: Comes with built in roles system. You can set flags, titles and configure settings.
  • Taxes: Let your land members pay taxes to support your land.
  • GUI Menus: Easily manage your lands and nations in a well organized menus.
  • Staff: Bypass protections and manage other lands and players.
  • Flags. Useful role, natural and player flags. All toggle-able in a organized menu.
  • Performance: Fast, lightweight and lagless. All features are developed with performance in mind.
  • Custom: Tons of options. Edit all menus and player messages. Read the wiki for more information.
  • Nations: Invite lands to join your nation and start wars. Wars and nations can be disabled.
  • Teleportation: It features a advanced random teleportation which supports paper async teleport and chunk loading feature.
  • Rent and Sell: Rent and sell sub areas and lands. Browse rental offers in a nice GUI menu.
  • Sub areas: Create block sized (3D) sub areas inside your land and trust players to it, toggle flags, set taxes and much more.
Lands makes it very easy for your players to secure their buildings and conainers, to prevent all forms of griefing. They can manage their land in well organized GUI menus, which are easy to use. If you want them to, they can even have multiple lands. This plugin provided the perfect combination of block based sub areas and chunk selection based claiming. Whereas the min and max claim height can be limited.

Players can simply use /claim to start securing their builds, or they can use a claim tool, which makes it easy as pie to claim large areas.

Depending on your server's config, lands can collect taxes from their members, and they may need to pay upkeep in order to maintain their claims

Also, lands can create nations and declare war against others. Depending on your servers config, teams can capture areas of their opponent. This makes wars a lot more engaging!

Most features can be toggled in the configuration Of course, every player message can be customized. Also, each GUI and its items can be customized.
Lands allows admins to define default flag states and which flags should be
displayed in the toggle flags menu. Also, you can add more default roles in
this file. Each role can have its own flag states. All role and natural flags
are editable in the land menu. Everything is customizable. The possibilities are endless!

You can also register your own flags through 3rd party plugins by using our developer API.
Server admins can also toggle role and natural flags in the wilderness. For example you could disallow building in the wilderness. That's up to you!
The optional Discord bot allows lands and nations to create a chat and voice channel for theirs. So they can stay connected with their land or nation and get notified about events. This will keep your players engaged and informed.

Lands doesn't require any dependencies and can be used out of the box. The only requirement is to have Java 17 or higher installed. You can import claims from other claim plugins. Read our wiki to check if your current claim plugin is supported.


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