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⭐LiteFarm⭐ [1.16 - 1.20] ⚡Custom Sprouts NEW UPDATE⚡

VIP Plugins ⭐LiteFarm⭐ [1.16 - 1.20] ⚡Custom Sprouts NEW UPDATE⚡ 2.9.4

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Original resource URL: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/%E2%AD%90litefarm%E2%AD%90-1-16-1-20-%E2%9A%A1custom-sprouts-new-update%E2%9A%A1.112359/

Native Minecraft Version:1.20Tested Minecraft Versions:
  • 1.16
  • 1.17
  • 1.18
  • 1.19
  • 1.20
Languages Supported:English, Русский, 简体中文, Tiếng Việt, Український, ČeštinaDonation Link:https://boosty.to/azlagor
Minecraft farming plugin
Before buying, you can test this plugin on your server. To do this, visit the plugin's discord (https://discord.gg/PgDfrQx22f), there you will find a free version for testing


LiteFarm adds a new farming system to minecraft, the ability to create new types of plants, fertilizers and assign them to each biome.


Custom Plants


You can create any plants for any biomes, the chance of an item dropping from growth, as well as experience. Any tags and custom models are saved.
(An example is given with custom growth stages pumpkin_stem -> dead_bush -> rose_bush.)

The plant grows in 3 seconds for example
(You can set it to 10 minutes or even 24 hours, the plugin does not load chunks, so if the player left the server and his chunks are disabled, time will still pass for the plants and they will grow. This is very convenient for farmer players who will plant their crops and go to work, and return in the evening and grow everything)

Sale of harvest
You can set a price for items and also sell them in the store through the GUI

Creation of plants
Go to the main menu and go to the created plants section

Next, a list of already created plants will appear, click the Add button to create a new one, and then go to it to edit

The following is a detailed description of the plant editing menu.

1. Seeds are an item that will be considered a seed. (Move the item here via gui if you want to set it)

2. Farmland - the block on which these seeds will grow (Move the item here via gui if you want to set it)

3. Harvest - what items will fall out of this plant. You can set a lot of items, along with the chance of falling out, as well as the experience that will be given to the player after the loss of this crop

4. Growth time, set in real time

5. Limit - limits the number of simultaneously planted crops in the growth stage (if the plant has grown to the maximum stage, it is not taken into account in the limit and the player can plant again)

6. The type of item that will be used to water the plant, as well as the time during which the plant will be saturated and not require replenishment of water. If time passes, the plant stops growing and its growth time stops until it is watered.

7. Sprout type - only vanilla sprout types are currently available, future updates will add the ability to set custom growth stages using custom resource packs

8. Fertilizers - a list of fertilizers that can be applied to this plant. Selected from a list of pre-initialized fertilizer

Creation of plants Fertilizers

Go to the main menu and go to the created fertilizers section


Next, a list of already created fertilizers will appear, click the Add button to create a new one, and then go to it to edit

The following is a detailed description of the fertilizer editing menu


1. Item that will count as fertilizer. (Move the item here via gui if you want to set it)

2. Time - How long will the fertilizer last

3. Fertilizer mechanics, currently created 2 types

  • Fertilizer accelerates growth several times
  • Fertilizer increases growth by a given percentage instantly (Like in classic minecraft)
Custom stages
The plugin allows you to use any blocks to create custom growth stages, allowing you to create crazy and interesting farms.
(Supported ItemsAdder and Oraxen custom blocks)


This is added to your plant configuration
If customSprouts is full then sproutType is ignored


The category contains a list of biomes and pre-made templates of plants that will grow in these biomes. You can also add private regions

There is a base category that applies to all unused biomes in the generated categories

To create a new category, go to the main menu and click the add button


Then set the biomes



Then add pre-initialized plants to this category




When you right-click on a sprout, its status is displayed for a while


1. Watering status
2. Fertilizer status
3. Fertilizer modifier

This appearance can be customized via guiCustomization.json


  • Spawn Entities from egg - if an egg drops from the harvest, that creature will be summoned
  • Auto Set Block - if a block falls out of the drop, it will be placed in this place
  • Harvest Right-Click - Harvesting via RMB
  • Auto Summon Entities - when the plant reaches the maximum level of growth, then a conditional generation of a drop will occur and if a summon egg drops out in it, then the creature will be summoned without harvesting
permissions: azlagor.command.lfarm

Future Additions

  • new fertilizer mechanics
  • plant diseases
  • custom growth stages (via resource pack)
  • custom farmland (via resource pack)


First release
Last update
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Latest updates

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