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Loy Krathong Festival Free by Polygony free

MC Models Loy Krathong Festival Free by Polygony free 0.1

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Loy Krathong Festival Loy Krathong is a tradition that has been passed down for a long time. Available in Thailand The Loi Krathong tradition in our country is unique. To ask for forgiveness from Phra Mae Kongkha And thank you for having water for us to use.

Loi Krathong is a tradition that the government gives importance to. It is a cultural capital that can be developed into a World Class Festival, and today I will travel to Sukhothai to join in this tradition as well.

Of course, at present Environmental matters are important. The format of the festival will need to be changed. And I see that many sectors have already begun campaigning for transformation. including reducing material use delimitation But I still aim for other measures to be adjusted more seriously in the future.

This is a question for the Ministry of Culture and the Soft Power Committee to think about how we can make this festival more Celebrative, Festive, and Environmental Friendly.

Model Loy Krathong Festival


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