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LPX AntiPacketExploit

VIP Plugins LPX AntiPacketExploit v3.4.6

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Original resource URL: https://builtbybit.com/resources/lpx-antipacketexploit.15709/


The license request may take up to 24 hours, don't buy the protection meanwhile you are getting attacked, Prevention is better than cure

  • ✅Avoid NettyCrashers, prevents netty threads to be blocked by exploits without using any fork;
  • ✅Dependency Free, doesn't require any dependency;
  • ✅Frequent updates when a new exploit is detected;
  • ✅Highly configurable, easy, and detailed configuration anticheat-style;
  • ✅GUI/Files for recent alerts;
  • ✅Packet logger in console and automatic logging for heavy packets
  • ✅1.8-1.20 Compatibility on paper and related forks;
  • ✅Printer/Schematica compatibility with API or semi-automatic system;
  • ✅AntiCheat-Fix blocks a few packets which cause anti-cheats to make the server use a lot of CPU;

  1. UNIQUE FIX FOR NETTY CRASHERS, one type of exploit that doesn't affect the server's TPS but Netty's threads. A NettyCrasher makes Netty's threads busy when a packet gets decoded, so the server can't handle future packets for a bit not allowing new players to join and timeoutting a few online players.
  2. Smooth Packet Limiter, Usually, anti-exploits don't encourage the use of packet limiters because it could cause issues with players having bad connections. LPX has an accurate way to count spam packets and has a fully working VL system to prevent false flags when players lag. If any false is detected, the config can be easily edited to fix false flags.
  3. Printer/Schematica Compatibility, usually packet limiters plugins causes incompatibility issues with this mods, LPX has a very useful automatic system that detects when a player started using printer mode and that guarantees no false kicks. There is also the option to use the API.
  4. Advanced Packet Logger, if your server is attacked with a packet exploit you can log every packet sent from any player to understand what type of exploit did he use and we can fix it in a few days. Packet Logger can be disabled and configured.
  5. Easy and detailed configuration, you can edit almost everything while you detect false-flags, you can choose to enable/disable kicks for every check, enable/disable specific checks and change EVERY VALUE used in the code.
Spoiler: config.yml


Support/License Request:
  • /lpx alerts - lpx.alerts - Receive alerts
  • lpx.alerts.printer - Receive printer alerts
  • /lpx reload - lpx.reload - Reload the configuration
  • /lpx gui- lpx.gui - Open the GUI
  • /lpx clear - lpx.clear - Clear old packet logs
  • /lpx kick <player> <message> - lpx.kick - Force close player connection
  • ProtocolLib < 5.0.0
  • Images and Denizen on certain situations
  • Arclight


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Latest updates

  1. UPDATE 3.4.6

    Fixed compatibility with new ViaVersion for 1.20.5 Fixed CreativeG/B exceptions Changed default...
  2. UPDATE 3.4.5

    Improved way to count remaining bytes Implemented many limits to PacketEvents readings...
  3. UPDATE 3.3.5

    1.20.4 Support
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