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VIP Core Mangocord 1.5.6

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Original resource URL: https://builtbybit.com/resources/mangocord-antibot-antiexploit.27316/

MangoCord is a fork of Waterfall and Flamecord that protects your Minecraft server from bot attacks and exploits with its advanced set of antibot filtering features. MangoCord also fixes bugs, improves performance and adds new functionalities to your server. MangoCord is the ultimate solution for a secure and fast Minecraft network


  • Our features are focused on the security of your Minecraft server preventing hacking with crash exploits, bots and other kind of dos attacks on the application layer.
  • Bots: We provides a powerful anti-bot solution programmed directly into the core of BungeeCord, with the ability to mitigate these attacks without hindering your server's performance.
  • Anti-vpn/proxy: Checks whether a connection is a proxy/VPN by utilizing web databases from over 10 webs, and additional websites can be added as well.
  • Performance: It reduces CPU usage and RAM usage by optimizing and reusing code, caching heavy getters, using libdeflate for faster compression/decompression of packets, and fixing memory leaks.
  • GeyserMC compatibility: MangoCord supports Geyser, a proxy that allows Bedrock Edition players to join Java Edition servers. It supports most Java features and cross-play between different platforms.
  • Motd: Incorporates customizable an advanced motd system that protects against null pink attacks
  • Languages Supported: Provides you with absolute flexibility by allowing you to fully customize all messages and texts of your server through the messages.yml configuration file.
  • Exploit Fixes: MangoCord specializes in providing better server security by fixing major exploits, performance flaws and bugs that Bungeecord already has, and that have not yet been fixed in WaterfallMC.


  • /mangocord firewall <add/remove> > Firewall certain ips!
  • /bplugins > Show the plugin list!
  • /bip > Show the ip and info of a player!
  • /mangocord stats > Displays flamecord stats!
  • /mangocord help > Shows this message!


MangoCord is a Waterfall fork that protects your server from bot attacks and exploits done to your Minecraft Server by minimizing the impact received by those with our advanced set of antibot filtering features. MangoCord improves your server performance and reduces your CPU usage by cutting the amount of processes required to process packets. MangoCord has free official and community support on our Discord server. https://discord.gg/PeS8h8eJZJ . Visit our detailed guide to MangoCord configuration to know more about it's features and how to configure them.

Why fork Waterfall?​

MangoCord was forked out of a desire for greater protection to be afforded to a Bungeecord-based proxy, which Waterfall currently cannot offer.

MangoCord will track upstream Waterfall and merge changes as needed.

How to (Server Admins)​

Just drag an drop MangoCord .jar into your server folder and run it.

You can customize many MangoCord features in the mangocord.yml file.

How To (Compiling from source)​

To compile MangoCord, you need JDK8 or above, git, bash, maven, and an internet connection.

Clone this repo, run ./mangocord b from bash, get jar from MangoCord-Proxy/bootstrap/target

Mangocord is compiled like Waterfall does; Please follow the CONTRIBUTING.md file. If you need help you can always contact us on Discord.


  • Feel free to open a PR! We accept contributions.


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