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MexBot’s Scarab Hive Pack (Bosses, Items, Pets & Enemies) $19.99

VIP MC Models MexBot’s Scarab Hive Pack (Bosses, Items, Pets & Enemies) $19.99 2023-07-03

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This Pack includes:

6 Scarab Hives (Each Hive comes with 6 Enemies)

Scarab Queen Boss (6 Variants, 11 Animations) Skills (Web Throw, Close Stomp, Long Stomp, Bodyslam, Leap, Egg laying, Bite) The Queen will lay eggs if shes not in combat, those eggs will eventually become more Scarabs

Scarab Young Queen (6 Variants, 11 Animations) (Bite, Toxic breath, leap) Young Queen will evolve into a Full Grown Queen
Scarab Drone (6 Variants, 7 Animations) Skillls (Stinger, Slash, Kidnap) They will kidnap players and throw them around.
Scarab Sentinel (6 Variants, 6 Animations) Skills (Bite, Toxic breath, leap) Sentinels can either evolve into a Young Queen or into a Drone
Scarab Larvae (6 Variants, 5 Animations) Skills (Bite, Toxic breath) Larvaes evolve into Scarab Sentinel
Scarab Egg (6 Variants) will summon a Larvae if the Hive Queen’s Sends a signal, or after a few minutes.

3 MOUNTS (6 Recolors for each, 18 Mounts Total)

Scarab Young Queen Mount (6 Variants)
Scarab Drone Mount (6 Variants)
Scarab Sentinel (6 Variants)

2 Items (6 Recolors for each, 12 Total)

Scarab Helmet (6 Variants)
Scarab Scythe (6 Variants)

MM Config:
My Love & Affection


  • Custom HIVE Colony AI, Enemies Evolve over time, Queen Hatches Eggs.
  • Custom Sounds
  • Mounts summoned through Items (WoW like)
  • Each Hive deals a different Damage Effect (Wither, Blindess, Poison, ETC)
  • And everything previously mentioned

Minecraft Spigot/Paper 1.16 and anything above, 1.17,1.18,etc.
Last MythicMobs Build

Last MythicCrucible Build (optional)
Latest ModelEngine Build

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