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Plugins mineLogin v1.7.3

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mineLogin is an advanced login plugin for premium and non-premium players with automatic authentication of premium accounts. All other features are listed below.







  • Java 11+
  • Bungeecord or Velocity server.
  • Minimum 1 lobby or login server.
After purchase you can receive your license key by opening a ticket on our discord server or by contacting us on mc-market.
Basic version of license is only for one ip addess.

Premium player accounts are
protected so non-premium
players cannot play under
their nickname.

Everyone has to register.
Premium players can enable
auto authentication using
the /premium command.



  • The option of automatic login is available for players with premium accounts, but they can disable it and log in traditionally using a password. Automatic registration of new players depends on the server configuration. You can set it to automatically register only premium account players, which means that players using cracked accounts with premium usernames will not be able to join the server and will be disconnected with the 'Invalid session' message, which cannot be edited.
  • The plugin allows premium players to change their usernames without losing any data or gaining access to cracked accounts because it uses fixed unique IDs. However, this feature will only work if you activate the USER_STATE and ALWAYS_SAME_UUID in your plugin configuration.
  • Possibility to block logging in from a given country.
  • Support for Geyser (floodgate) in beta!
  • Possibility to set the duration of login session for non-premium players in the config. Changing the IP address terminates the session.
  • Multiple database types: MySQL, Flat.
  • Configuration of words that should be forbidden to use as passwords.
  • Possibility to lock the chat until the player logs in.
  • Ability to set multiple authentication servers!
  • Ability to set more than one lobby server!
  • Highly configurable MOTD with hex colors support.
  • Efficient mailing system that helps the players recover their accounts.
  • Possibility to configure the fallback servers. When the main server is down, players will be connected to the Fallback servers.
  • Currently there are 4 hashing algorithms supported: SHA512, SHA256, Bcrypt and MD5.
  • Additional password protection with salt.
  • Ability to set the maximum number of accounts for each IP address.
  • Ability to set the time between the next connection.
  • mineLogin supports 4 APIs for premium account authentication.
  • Possibility to set the minimum password length.
  • We offer a system connecting bungeecord and spigot servers which blocks all interactions until the player logs in. This system offers a highly configurable server selector menu!
  • Ability to enable the lobby command which allows players to easily connect with the lobby server.
  • Allow your players to secure their account with two-step verification.
  • Ability to enable the captcha system, in which players will have to rewrite the code from the map or chat to register.
  • Ability to display commands on the bossbar.
  • Showing notifications on title.
  • Ability to hide players who are not logged in.
  • Ability to hide items before logging in.
  • Possibility to set the login location.
  • An option to set a default skin for cracked accounts.
  • Placeholders to use for your spigot server.

  • /login <password> - Used to log into an account.
  • /register <password> <password> [captcha] - Used for account registration.
  • /unregister <password> - Used for unregistering an account (Deleting the account from the database).
  • /changepassword <old-password> <new-password> - Used for changing the account's password.
  • /email <email-address> - Used for adding or changing the account’s email address.
  • /recovery - Used for recovering the account’s password by email.
  • /session - Used for enabling or disabling cracked players login session.
  • /premium - Used for enabling premium authentication account.
  • /cracked - Used for enabling cracked authentication account.
  • /2fa - Adding two-step verification with a map
  • /lobby - Allows you to teleport to the lobby server.
Administrator - Proxy server
  • /minelogin changepassword <nickname> <new-password> - Changes the player’s password.
  • /minelogin changetype <nickname> <CRACKED/PAID> - Changes the player's account type.
  • /minelogin changeuniqueid <nickname> <new-uniqueid> - Changes the players unique id.
  • /minelogin forcelogin <nickname> - Forces a player to log in.
  • /minelogin geolocation <add/remove/check> <IPv4> - Manages the geolocation whitelist.
  • /minelogin register <nickname> <password> - Forces a player to register with the selected password.
  • /minelogin reload - Reloads the plugin configurations.
  • /minelogin unregister <nickname> - Unregisters a player.
  • /minelogin userinfo <nickname> - Displays information about the player.

  • minelogin.* - Ability to use all admin commands.
  • minelogin.command - Ability to use the /minelogin command.
  • minelogin.verification - Ability to use the /2fa and /verification command.
  • minelogin.version - Ability to use the /minelogin version command.
  • minelogin.changepassword - Ability to use the /minelogin <nickname> <new-password> command.
  • minelogin.changetype - Ability to use the /minelogin <nickname> <CRACKED/PAID> command.
  • minelogin.forcelogin - Ability to use the /minelogin forcelogin <nickname> command.
  • minelogin.userinfo - Ability to use the /minelogin userinfo <nickname> command.
  • minelogin.unregister - Ability to use the /minelogin unregister <nickname> command.
  • minelogin.register - Ability to use the /minelogin register <nickname> <password> command.
  • minelogin.geolocation - Ability to use the /minelogin geolocation <add/remove/check> <IPv4> command.


  • %minelogin-bridge_email% - Allows you to display the email address linked to your account.
  • %minelogin-bridge_is_paid% - Returns an account type value (true = premium / false = cracked).
  • %minelogin-bridge_register_time% - Shows the date the account was created by the player.
Its working only when you have mineLogin-bridge on your lobby/login server.


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