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Plugins MountsX 5.2.0

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Supported Spigot Versions:
1.16.5, 1.17.1, 1.18.2, 1.19.2



MountsX is an RPG-type plugin that allows players to have a customizable horse that they take with them everywhere.


  • Customizable menus and items
  • Customizable saddle display name and lore
  • All horse types (horse, donkey, mule, zombie, skeleton)
  • Configurable default jump/walk speed and multipliers
  • Custom mule/donkey chest storage per-player
  • Customizable horse colors and styles
  • Support for all vault economy plugins
  • Support for YML, SQLite, and MySQL data storage





  • Support will only be provided for the original buyer.
  • Selling my plugin on another website is not permitted.
  • Re-selling my plugins is not permitted.
  • Giving my plugins away for free is not permitted.
  • Decompiling is allowed and the original source code can be requested for an extra price of $20.00 USD.
  • Modifying the plugin jar is not permitted.
  • Breaking the terms of service will ensure that you do not receive support for my plugins.


Click the Discord logo/image to join my discord for premium support. You can also join if you have feature requests or if you just want to chat with other users.


Thanks to CozyLeprechaun94#9173 on Discord for the title designs.

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If you need help please use the contact methods provided above.

If you do not have a PayPal account, there are many other payment methods that I'm willing to accept.
Please send me a direct message and I'll help you out!


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