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⭐️ Mythical Races Premium ⭐️ 1.18.x - 1.20.x ⭐️

Plugins ⭐️ Mythical Races Premium ⭐️ 1.18.x - 1.20.x ⭐️ 2.5.2-SE-V1

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Original resource URL: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/%E2%AD%90%EF%B8%8F-mythical-races-premium-%E2%AD%90%EF%B8%8F-1-18-x-1-20-x-%E2%AD%90%EF%B8%8F.102328/

Native Minecraft Version:1.18Tested Minecraft Versions:
  • 1.18
  • 1.19
Languages Supported:Messages are translatableDonation Link:https://ko-fi.com/korbsti


----- General -----

Discover the endless possibilities of MythicalRaces premium, the ultimate upgrade to the already existing MythicalRaces plugin. Unleash your imagination with new features and customizations, including an array of abilities that offer unparalleled capabilities. With MythicalRaces premium, you can make hundreds and thousands of different abilities, each one unique to its own mythical race.

Experience specific in-game events and get ready to immerse yourself in a world of adventure. Explore the extensive range of abilities available to you and create new and exciting gameplay experiences. The plugin also offers 18 additional races, each with two sub-races, adding more depth and diversity to your gameplay.

Investing in MythicalRaces premium means unlocking a world of creativity and possibilities. With this plugin, you'll have the power to take your gameplay to the next level.



^Note there are more than 51 types of events - image above is slightly outdated view the list of events here

^ There are 14 total default classes - image above is slightly outdated


  • Leaderboard command
  • Add race XP command
  • Custom GUI heads
  • Leaving race execute commands
  • Temperature attribute & potion effect specific situations
  • Block attribute & potion effect specific situations effects
  • Biome attribute & potion effect specific situations effects
  • Y-axis attribute & potion effect situation effects
  • Light level attribute & potion effect situation effects
  • Custom ability command situations with more than 53 event types
  • Each event type is highly customizable
  • The ability to create as many races as you desire, and can create up to 53 evolutions for a base race
  • Custom leveling [12 different types of leveling]
  • Add many types of sub-trees for one race, (use the discord server there is a picture containing how to do it within the support channel and pins)
  • GUI selection of races
  • Randomized race selection upon joining (optional choice)
  • A race tree evolution for races
  • Class system
  • Sub classes can have up to 53 sub classes
  • Classes can also utilize abilities
  • Autotab Completer
  • MySQL Support
  • WorldGuard Support
  • Use abilities for even more specific leveling options
  • Ability to use particle effects with abilities
PAPI Placeholders
  • %mythicalraces_race%
  • %mythicalraces_display_race_name%
  • %mythicalraces_cooldown_time%
  • %mythicalraces_has_cooldown%
  • %mythicalraces_get_xp%
  • %mythicalraces_get_level%
  • %mythicalraces_get_max_xp%
  • %mythicalraces_get_xp/max_xp%
  • %mythicalraces_class%
  • %mythicalraces_display_class_name%
  • %mythicalraces_cooldown_time_class%
  • %mythicalraces_has_cooldown_class%
  • %mythicalraces_get_xp_class%
  • %mythicalraces_get_level_class%
  • %mythicalraces_get_max_xp_class%
  • %mythicalraces_get_xp/max_xp_class%
  • %mythicalraces_leaderboard_num_[leaderboard position]
Commands and Permissions
  • /races choose [race] | mythicalraces.race.[race] example (mythicalraces.race.Elf) OR mythicalraces.class.[class]
  • /races help | mythicalraces.help
  • /races info [race] | mythicalraces.info.races
  • /races gui | mythicalraces.gui
  • /races classgui | mythicalraces.gui.class
  • /races tree | mythicalraces.tree
  • /races classtree | mythicalraces.tree.class
  • /races profile | mythicalraces.profile
  • /races profile [player] | mythicalraces.profile.other
  • /races set {race} {player} | mythicalraces.race.setrace [Do not give to default players]
  • /races biome | mythicalraces.biome
  • /races list | mythicalraces.list.races
  • /races lvlset [player] [level] | mythicalraces.lvlset
  • /races lvlsetclass [player] [level] | mythicalraces.lvlsetclass
  • /races leaderboard | mythicalraces.leaderboard
  • /races addxp [player] [xp] | mythicalraces.addxp
  • /races addxpclass [player] [xp]
  • /races sub [race/class] | mythicalraces.sub.display
  • mythicalraces.cooldown.bypass to bypass race choosing cooldowns

Spoiler: FAQ

Spoiler: Races Pack Race Names
Spoiler: imgs

Spoiler: Config And Features - For just the abilities

Spoiler: Crit straight line poison


Spoiler: kill ability


Spoiler: Area heal


----- Basic Tutorial -----

----- Another Tutorial -----

---- Particle Effect Tutorial ----


----- What You Need To Know Before Buying -----
It is highly recommended that you know how to configure MythicalRaces, as well as know basic Minecraft commands and have the ability to utilize them with this plugin
. This plugin contains no config-based commands and is entirely configuration-based.

MySQL support is experimental, all of the different (MythicalRaces/MRPremiumAddons) server configs configurations has to be the same when using MySQL as the storage type
DISCORD SERVER -> https://discord.gg/GK3rmrze2Q
If you do require support or have any questions, or request a certain feature inside this plugin. I will try my best to respond to you ASAP

This plugin does recommended that you do join the discord-server for comments/documentation/support, there is also this for the wiki

Do you prefer to pay from Kofi? Join the discord and donate 7 euros to https://ko-fi.com/korbsti , send a screenshot of payment to Korbsti#0001 and you will be added to the buyers list

Terms Of Service
No refunds
Do not leak this resource or the configuration to others, this includes people who have not paid for the resource
Do not leak this resource to other sites
Do not de-compile or modify the source code
By purchasing this resource you agree to any changes in TOS even after purchasing


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