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【MythicDungeons】- The world’s first multi-instance dungeon system in same world !

VIP Plugins 【MythicDungeons】- The world’s first multi-instance dungeon system in same world ! 2.6.4-SNAPSHOT

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Native Minecraft Version:1.18Tested Minecraft Versions:
  • 1.16
  • 1.17
  • 1.18
  • 1.19
***This plugin is developed by i998979, NOT the author of MythicMobs, they are different plugins. Please watch carefully before buying and contact me for support but not them if you bought my plugin. NO refund if you bought the wrong one.***




Wanna let your player challenge the same kind of dungeon, but there is always only a single instance available?
After 2 years of development, let me grandly introduce you…

MythicDungeons! The world’s first plugin that provides a multi-instance dungeon system in the same world.


  • Multi-instance dungeon system, players can challenge the same dungeon at the same time in different instances, all instances are located in the same world
  • Auto terrain restoration, the dungeon only exists when that instance is running
  • Multiple objectives support. Checkpoints reached, specific mobs killed, the specific amount of mobs killed
  • Staged dungeon System, combine different actions with different objectives
  • Different branch leads to different objectives and actions, create your own storyline
  • Death limit support for team/each player, no more bad teammates!
  • Mob reveals in the specified location or in a radius of player, give challengers a shock!
  • Charge the challengers money and/or items before entry
  • Give the challengers money and/or items when successfully complete the dungeon, they fight for the rewards
  • Challenge timer, they fail the dungeon when the timer reaches, no more attrition war!
  • Full-featured GUI, everything can be done with simple clicks
  • Waiting room support, find yourself a party or become the party leader
  • Vertical scrolling scoreboard, don’t miss any objectives
  • Multiple language support, translate almost everything your player sees
  • Support 1.16 all the way up to 1.19
There are many more functions that cannot be listed in detail. For more information, please visit the Wiki.




<>: Required []: Optional

Main Dungeon Group command: /mythicgroups, /mgroups, /mgroup, /mg
  • /MythicGroups: Show the help page.
  • /MythicGroups Check: Get the item on hand in MythicDungeons formatted string.
  • /MythicGroups Delete <Group>: Delete specified dungeon group.
  • /MythicGroups Info <Group> <Page>: Show specified dungeon group’s info.
  • /MythicGroups Migrate: Migrate old dungeon group settings to the new version.
  • /MythicGroups Load: Load dungeon group data.
  • /MythicGroups Save: Save dungeon group data.
Main Dungeon command: /mythicdungeons, /mdungeons, /mdungeon, /md
  • /MythicDungeons: Show the help page.
  • /MythicDungeons Chat <Message> (or /dungeonchat /dchat /dc): Chat with the dungeon members.
  • /MythicDungeons Create <Type>: Create a new dungeon with specified dungeon group.
  • /MythicDungeons Info <Type> [Id]: Show specified dungeon's info. Enter id for more information.
  • /MythicDungeons Join <Type> [Id]: Join first available dungeon if id not specified. Otherwise, join specified one.
  • /MythicDungeons Remove <Type> <Id> <Player>: Remove specified player from specified dungeon.
  • /MythicDungeons Start <Type> <Id>: Start specified dungeon.
  • /MythicDungeons Stop <Type> <Id>: Stop specified dungeon.
Main Room command: /mythicrooms, /mrm, /room, /mr
  • /MythicRooms: Show the help page.
  • /MythicRooms Accept <Player>: Accept specified player's invitation.
  • /MythicRooms AllInvite: Give/revoke permission that all members can invite other players.
  • /MythicRooms Chat <Message> (or /roomchat, /rmchat, /rc): Chat with the members.
  • /MythicRooms Create <Type>: Create a room with a specified dungeon type.
  • /MythicRooms Deny <Player>: Decline specified player's invitation.
  • /MythicRooms Disband: Disband the room. All members will be removed.
  • /MythicRooms Info: Shows the room info.
  • /MythicRooms Invite <Player>: Invite a specified player to the room.
  • /MythicRooms Join <Id / Player>: Join the room with specified id/owner.
  • /MythicRooms Leave: Leave the room.
  • /MythicRooms Menu: Open room menu.
  • /MythicRooms Privacy <PUBLIC / PRIVATE / PASSWORD> [Password]: Change room's privacy settings. Please enter the password if privacy has been set to PASSWORD.
  • /MythicRooms Promote <Player>: Promote specified players. You will lose all permission after promoting others.
  • /MythicRooms Remove <Player>: Remove specified player from the room.
  • /MythicRooms Start: Start challenging the dungeon.

  • MythicDungeons.Dungeon.<dungeon type>
  • MythicDungeons.Commands.Groups
  • MythicDungeons.Commands.Groups.Check
  • MythicDungeons.Commands.Groups.Delete
  • MythicDungeons.Commands.Groups.Info
  • MythicDungeons.Commands.Groups.Load
  • MythicDungeons.Commands.Groups.Save
  • MythicDungeons.Commands.Dungeons
  • MythicDungeons.Commands.Dungeons.Chat
  • MythicDungeons.Commands.Dungeons.Chat.ColorCode.[0-9,a-f,k,l,m,n,o,r]
  • MythicDungeons.Commands.Dungeons.Create
  • MythicDungeons.Commands.Dungeons.Info
  • MythicDungeons.Commands.Dungeons.Join
  • MythicDungeons.Commands.Dungeons.Remove
  • MythicDungeons.Commands.Dungeons.Start
  • MythicDungeons.Commands.Dungeons.Stop
  • MythicDungeons.Commands.Rooms
  • MythicDungeons.Commands.Rooms.AllInvite
  • MythicDungeons.Commands.Rooms.Chat
  • MythicDungeons.Commands.Rooms.Create
  • MythicDungeons.Commands.Rooms.Disband
  • MythicDungeons.Commands.Rooms.Info
  • MythicDungeons.Commands.Rooms.Invite
  • MythicDungeons.Commands.Rooms.Invite.Accept
  • MythicDungeons.Commands.Rooms.Invite.Deny
  • MythicDungeons.Commands.Rooms.Join
  • MythicDungeons.Commands.Rooms.Leave
  • MythicDungeons.Commands.Rooms.Menu
  • MythicDungeons.Commands.Rooms.Chat.ColorCode.[0-9,a-f,k,l,m,n,o,r]
  • MythicDungeons.Commands.Rooms.Privacy
  • MythicDungeons.Commands.Rooms.Promote
  • MythicDungeons.Commands.Rooms.Remove
  • MythicDungeons.Commands.Rooms.Start
  • MythicDungeons.Admin
  • MythicDungeons.Bypass.Dungeons.Access
  • MythicDungeons.Bypass.Dungeons.BlacklistItem
  • MythicDungeons.Bypass.Dungeons.Commands
  • MythicDungeons.Bypass.Dungeons.Price
  • MythicDungeons.Bypass.Dungeons.SeeChat
  • MythicDungeons.Bypass.Dungeons.Full
  • MythicDungeons.Bypass.Dungeons.Private
  • MythicDungeons.Bypass.Dungeons.MinLimit
  • MythicDungeons.Bypass.Dungeons.MaxLimit
  • MythicDungeons.Bypass.Dungeons.DeathLimit


Wiki Dungeon Group Configuration

Wiki General Configuration

Wiki Menu Configuration

Wiki Scoreboard Configuration



As of MythicDungeons 2.0.0, the Staged Dungeon System is created to expand the flexibility in creating more complicated dungeons and expand the flexibility in implementing new features. The whole dungeon flow including the way to spawn mobs create spawners, and checkpoint objectives have changed, the old way to create spawners, and bosses are deprecated and will be removed within a short period of time.
Please refer to the Migration Guide for more information.



  • - EffectLib if you want to use additional particle effects
  • - HolographicDisplays if you want to use holograms
  • - MMOCore if you want to use MMOCore party system
  • - Proskillapi Parties if you want to use Proskillapi Parties party system
  • - Heroes if you want to use Heroes party system
  • - MMOItems if you want to use MMOItems items
  • - ItemsAdder if you want to use ItemsAdder items
  • - EcoItems if you want to use EcoItems items
  • - EcoArmor if you want to use EcoArmor items
  • - Talismans if you want to use Talismans items
  • - MythicDrops if you want to use MythicDrops items
  • - PlaceholderAPI if you want to use PlaceholderAPI placeholders in GUI, scoreboards or locale

This plugin is in beta state and bugs/errors may occur. please PM me or leave a comment in the Discussion Section.
**Any errors/bugs reported in the Review Section WILL NOT BE RESPONDED.**


Can't answer your question? PM me / find me on Discord or leave a comment in the Discussion Section. I will answer you as soon as possible.

  • Q. I found bugs / console errors.
  • A. Try to download the plugin again before asking for help. I will help as much as I can if you provide enough information such as error logs, and how to reproduce the error. Please PM me or leave a comment in the Discussion Section. Otherwise, I will ignore you.
  • Q. Nothing was received after typing the command.
  • A. Please make sure that you follow the format before executing the command. You might get nothing if you enter the wrong arguments. Also, please make sure that the plugin is loaded and doesn't conflict with other plugins. You may ask for help but I can't promise I can fix the error if the error is not produced by my plugin.
  • Q. Does this plugin support xxx Platform / xxx Server / xxx Minecraft version?
  • A. I am sorry that I can't test my plugin on all platforms, servers, Minecraft versions. I don't have time and resources. If you are having problems with the specified Platform / Server / Minecraft version, please PM me or leave a comment in the Discussion Section. I will try my best to fix it.

  • You are not permitted to redistribute any part of the resource in any form.
  • You are not permitted to redistribute the resource as your own work.
  • You are not permitted to modify the code of the resource.
  • You are not recommended to give reviews about the difficulties you are facing like bugs, errors, and configuration problems.
  • Premium resource does not provide refund due to you purchased a copy, not the access to the plugin
  • You will not be alerted if the "Terms of Use" were modified.
  • You are recommended to give suggestions of the resource or technical support to improve the quality of the resource.

This resource collects anonymous server statistics through bStats. If you would like to disable it, you can change the settings in plugins/bStats/config.yml.



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