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NPC Pack Vol 1 [v.3.4 | ME 3.0.0 READY]

VIP MC Models NPC Pack Vol 1 [v.3.4 | ME 3.0.0 READY] 1.0

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Populate your server’s villages or towns with some bright-eyed and cheery NPC’s!

These NPC’s are configured to handle any of your favorite GUI based plugins or even just run commands when theyre interacted with.

This Pack includes:


The Archer – with her pet hawk by her side she is ready to fulfill any of your marksman needs!


The Blacksmith – always working on his latest weapon, the blacksmith is happy to help any player that approaches him!


The Butcher – a diva with a blade, this butcher makes the cut when it comes to serving up perfect meats!


The Farmer – local farmer with a local allergy to hay, dont get too close he might sneeze on you!


The Wizard – always studying his floating book of spells, get your magic needs here!


and finally the Town Guard! Unlike the other NPCs that are designed to be stationary inside a building or behind a counter,

the town guard roams the streets or city limits looking to serve and protect its citizens from hostile mobs.

He can also light the way if it gets too dark by pulling out a torch at night!

All the NPCs include immersive animations that react to players and realistically interact with themselves and the environment!

This is a perfect addition to any RPG themed server that is looking for something to liven up their vanilla towns and villages!

Tested on:

– Minecraft Java 1.14+

– Model Engine

– MythicMobs Free / premium


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