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OneStopShop 2

Plugins OneStopShop 2 1.3.12

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Native Minecraft Version:1.19Tested Minecraft Versions:
  • 1.18
  • 1.19




Say goodbye to limitations and hello to endless possibilities, as you can now create an infinite number of GUI menus and shops that can buy and sell items with ease. With a built-in, fully configurable item economy system and support for Vault, you'll have complete control over your in-game economy. But that's not all, our plugin supports ALL items in Minecraft, including custom meta data. Plus, you can edit and create shops, menus, and interfaces completely in-game, without ever having to leave the action! Upgrade your game and take the first step towards limitless possibilities today!
  • Optimized for fast performance and smooth gameplay
  • Complete support for all Minecraft items, including custom meta data, NBT data, and model data
  • Create an unlimited number of menus and shops, each with their own unique settings
  • Dynamic pricing based on stock levels, so prices automatically adjust as items are sold
  • Control stock levels for each item and set automatic restocking options
  • Tax transactions to your desired percentage
  • Customizable standalone item economy support
  • In-game shop, menu, and interface configuration options, allowing you to customize the look and feel of your economy
  • Integration with popular economy plugins like Vault, and support for multiple languages and translations
  • Unicode support for special characters
  • Customizable sounds with volume and pitch options
  • Format your currency to match your server's theme
  • Tab completion for all commands
  • Purchase command support
  • Made on Java 17, which provide stability and security
  • Customizable GUI items and support for Hex color codes
  • Sell Wand and Sell Menu options, allowing players to quickly and easily sell items
  • PlaceholderAPI support for dynamic text and placeholders in chat
  • MySQL support, sync menus, shops, interfaces, stock and restock time across all connected servers
Spoiler: Discord Support


Spoiler: Item Economy Preview
Spoiler: Sell and Buy Preview
Spoiler: Sub Menu Preview
Spoiler: Sell Wand Preview
Spoiler: Sell Menu Preview

Spoiler: Dynamic Prices Preview
Spoiler: Custom Item Preview
Direct Land Claiming Plugin Support (Sell Wand):

Coming Soon:
  • API for plugin addons
  • Video tutorial


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